MillenniumIT ESP gears for global expansionwith new office in Singapore

MillenniumIT ESP – Sri Lanka’s leading Enterprise Solutions Provider – kicked off its global expansion
drive by incorporating a new office in Singapore this year. This initiative was undertaken to expand the
Company’s business into new markets and capture the growing global demand for enterprise
technology solutions by capitalizing on its unique resources, skills sets and capabilities, and by
harnessing the power of the partnerships and relationships already built in the ASEAN region.
With 25 years’ experience of delivering thousands of technology projects across diverse sectors,
MillenniumIT ESP has a variety of industry-specific solutions to offer the ASEAN market including
Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and India, especially in terms of subject
matter expertise and advanced solution offerings which are in demand across these countries. The
resources, skills sets and capabilities have been realigned to readily embrace the emerging markets and
technology changes, to deal with constant environmental volatility and to enhance agility and speed to
In addition, MillenniumIT ESP has longstanding partnerships with technology giants such as Oracle,
Cisco, Microsoft, Dell, IBM, Huawei, and many others. While achieving the highest level of partnerships
with the majority of these global players, the Company’s consultants and technical professionals are
certified in unique specializations and competency levels under different partner offerings. The multiple
working models enables the Company to supply their solutions to potential global clients, including
becoming a Service Partner, partnering with local System Integrators as well as opportunities presented
via their Principals through partnership extension engagements.
More specifically, from a Core Infrastructure point of expertise, the Company’s Infrastructure, Platform
and Network Teams will extend their products, service capabilities and architectural services to projects
by working remotely and through direct client site visits. Through MillenniumIT ESP’s Cloud expertise
and considering the immense demand for Cloud Technologies, all offerings currently supplied to the
local market will be extended to global clients. In addition, the Company will offer consulting and
deployment services and independent Cloud solutions implementation services for technology partners
AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and Google Cloud.
The Company’s Cyber Security portfolio targeted at these new overseas markets includes Cloud Security,
Security for the Hybrid Workforce, Attack Centric Exposure Management and Security Analytics, which
will position MillenniumIT ESP as a premium Small and Medium Enterprise solutions player that provides
specialized services within its respected expertise. The services, solutions and delivery models,
including our Network and Security Operations Centers, provide increased visibility and rapid
detection of threats thus helping enterprises improve their overall security profiles. Our resources
have a track record of assisting enterprises, irrespective of size, to accelerate their cybersecurity

growth through every phase of cyber transformation — whatever that enterprise’s level of
cybersecurity maturity – and thus act as a partner in cyber-transformation journey.
MillenniumIT ESP will expand its market reach and identify growth avenues in its Enterprise Application
expertise, focusing on customer engagement solutions such as Sales, Marketing and Services
Automation to effectively manage multi-channel end-to-end customer journeys. The Company will also
bring operational excellence by implementing Core Business Application offerings including Enterprise
Resource Planning (ERP), Human Capital Management (HCM) and Planning and Budgeting solutions.
With a specific focus on the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector, through its
Enterprise Applications expertise, MillenniumIT ESP will be offering its Banking Technology solutions
portfolio which includes services for Core Banking and Treasury solutions implementation.
Complementing its Enterprise Applications, MillenniumIT ESP’s Intelligent Automation and Data
expertise brings enterprise-level automation capabilities using Business Process Management (BPM),
Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and RPA technologies. In addition, Data Platform implementation
and modernization, and Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions provide consolidated views and
better insights for overseas clients’ business operations.
MillenniumIT ESP’s technical expertise in Smart Buildings will be heavily backed by the team’s
credentials, giving the company a global competitive edge. Focused solutions will include contact
centers, telephone and video conference and end-to-end Intelligent ELV solutions. The company will
specifically aim at the Construction, Hospitality/Leisure and BFSI sectors in which it already owns a
strong pool of customer references locally and internationally.
Its Managed Services expertise, which has several existing global contracts and years of experience in
dealing with mission-critical operations, will further expand its partner ecosystem and enhance solution
offerings to provide better customer experiences bundled with Security Operations Center (SOC) and
Network Operations Center (NOC) services. The portfolio, which includes Managed IT Operations,
Managed Infrastructure Services and Managed Security Services, will be made available for all global
clients bringing multiple benefits through operational, business and financial improvements. The
company’s Managed IT Operations will especially focus on offering significant cost savings and reducing
overheads in managing IT operations.
“MillenniumIT ESP has had an impressive 25-year journey within the local market. However, to remain
competitive and be on par with the latest market trends and global expansion of demand for Enterprise
IT solutions, we are taking our business forward by officially extending operations abroad and opening
our first international office in Singapore. Being a leader within the IT field and having received several
global recognitions, along with owning the right technical know-how, skillset and industry experience,
we are well geared to deepen our footprint globally across all sectors we cater to including Telco,
Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Transportation. The opening of the Singapore
office is the first step of our ambitious journey to expand globally,” commented Shevan Goonetilleke,
Director/CEO, MillenniumIT ESP.
MillenniumIT ESP (MIT ESP) is a complete Enterprise Solutions Provider with a proven track record of
serving global customers for over 25 years. The company provides technology solutions and services
around Core Infrastructure, Cloud, Cyber Security, Enterprise Applications, Intelligent Automation and
Data, Smart Buildings, and Managed Services. MIT ESP has a strong presence across a variety of industry

sectors including Telecommunications and Media, Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing and
Retail, Government, and Commercial Sector which focuses on Healthcare, Transportation, Hospitality, IT
and BPO Companies, and other Conglomerates. Currently, the company is on a growth drive with plans
to expand its footprint globally across all sectors. For more information, visit

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