Rs.5,000 allowance for teachers for September, October

The Ministry of Education has issued a circular pertaining to the payment of a Rs 5,000 allowance to teachers and principals today (September 20).

A decision was taken by the Cabinet recently to pay Rs. 5,000 to teachers and principals who are on duty in September and October until the issue of teacher-principal salary anomalies is resolved through forthcoming Budget 2022.

In keeping with the Cabinet decision, the Minister of Education issued the circular today regarding the payment of the Rs 5,000 allowance.

It is reported that the allowance for the teachers who are on duty in September and October has been sent to the relevant schools by the Zonal Director and principals and teachers on duty (whether online or physical) can obtain the relevant allowance from the Zonal Director of Education.

The Secretary to the Ministry of Education stated that the Gazette notification on the designation of the teacher and principal services as a closed service will be issued by November 20.

He further stated that the remaining recommendations will be implemented within six months and the progress will be presented to the Cabinet.

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