Completion of Ward Complex at Kurunegala Provincial General Hospital

The Kurunegala General Hospital comprises 2,355 beds, 57 wards and 28 special units. Although it had been planned to construct a five storied building story–wise phase by phase during the 2007–2009 period on par with the development plan of that hospital to put up new wards in the hospital; only the construction of the second floor/storey of the building has been completed by now.

A certain donation has been reserved from the last will of Mrs. Eline De Mel to construct a ward or a portion of a building of Kurunegala Hospital and the trustees to whom her property is entrusted with has agreed to complete the construction of the said five storied building.

Therefore, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal tabled by the Minister of Health to enter into an agreement with the party appointed for the property ownership of Mrs. Eline De Mel for the completion of the said project within two years.

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