Senior classes of all schools to begin tomorrow

Classes of all schools for Ordinary Level and Advanced Level students and all grades of schools, which do not exceed 200 students will open tomorrow.

Accordingly Grade 10, 11, 12 and 13 of all schools will re-opened as scheduled after nearly six months.

The Education Ministry has issued several health guidelines to schools aiming to create a safe environment for students and staff against the spread of the coronavirus.

According to those health guidelines, school canteens will remain closed further as there will be a huge student gathering at canteens during intervals. The guidelines urge students and staff to bring food from outside.

During sport meets and during other subject related activities, students are requested to maintain physical distance as much as possible. It is compulsory to wear face marks during school time and students are requested to keep an additional face mask in their school bag. Students should not share books, stationary and food or water bottles with their colleagues.

Students are advised not to attend school if there is a quarantined person at home or the entire family members are quarantined or any of the family members is a first contact of a Corona patient.

These health guidelines can be downloaded by logging on to the Education Ministry website.

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