An action plan to reduce number of road accidents in Sri Lanka

The Minister was speaking at a function organized by the National Road Safety Council on December 2.

Speaking at the event held on the occasion of the International Day of Remembrance of Road Accident Victims, the Minister of Transport further said,:

“Motorcycle accidents are the leading cause of death in Sri Lanka, accounting for 42% of motorcycle accidents, killing about eight people a day, and 30 percent of other accidents involving lorries and tippers.” 

Because of this, innocent lives die and become disabled for no reason. Therefore, the time has come to provide a proper solution to this.

The event was held at the Makumbura Multipurpose Transport Center. This was followed by the awarding of compensation to the dependents of those who died in unidentified road accidents and to those who were seriously injured.

The Minister also instructed the National Council for Road Safety to increase the compensation for those killed in unidentified road accidents from Rs. 200,000 to Rs. 250,000 and for the seriously injured from Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 150,000.

Secretary to the Ministry Monty Ranatunga and Chairman of the National Council for Road Safety Anton de Mens were also present.

The Minister of Transport also launched a website containing information on road safety.

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