Tokyo Cement swiftly fulfills cement market shortage at lowest price

Tokyo Cement Company has commenced speedy distribution of a shipment of bagged
cement to reach consumers at lowest price in the market.
The Company stepped forward to immediately bring down a shipment of cement in bag
form, to fill the vacuum created in the market when cement importers discontinued bag
cement importation. In this move, Tokyo Cement Co. ensures that a freshly imported bag
of cement will reach end consumers in all parts of the island, at the lowest maximum retail
price of 1,275/- positively addressing the cement shortage.
In a statement last month Tokyo Cement Group announced several steps taken by the
cement giant to fulfill the shortage in the market. Being the country’s largest manufacturer
of cement, the company’s manufacturing plant in Trincomalee is operating at maximum
capacity around the clock to ensure an uninterrupted supply island wide. Further, on a
request made by the Government as a contingency measure, Tokyo Cement made special
arrangements to import 12,000 MT of cement, in addition to the 30,000 MT of cement being
imported per month through the Tokyo Cement Colombo Terminal.
Reinstating the company’s readiness to cater to the growth in demand of the local
construction industry, Tokyo Cement Group recently laid foundations for a factory
expansion project that will increase its manufacturing capacity by another 1 million Metric
Tons by early 2023.
Through these concerted efforts that focus on enhancing local value creation, Tokyo
Cement continues to fulfil its national duty by ensuring an uninterrupted supply of cement to
meet the requirements of customers across the island, and firmly establish the company’s
position as the leading partner in nation-building.

Mr. Dashantha Udawatta (on the right), Group Marketing Manager of Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) PLC, and Mr. Jilani Mohideen, Marketing Manager – Bulk Cement, with a consignment of cement bags ready for distribution.

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