Spend and Save merrily this Season with
NDB Wealth

NDB Wealth as a trusted financial and wealth management partner strongly advocates the need to plan
ahead and prepare for the festivities in a prudent manner so that one can relax and enjoy the season.
The festivities and joy surrounding the season lead to the biggest celebration of the year, irrespective of
religion. For many individuals and businesses, this is the time to reconnect with acquaintances, friends
and family through various events and celebrations.
This year more than ever, many have felt and understood the importance of friends and family due to
the prolonged period of reduced or minimal social interaction brought about the pandemic situation.
Therefore this will be the season for giving, sharing and spending with all the gift buying and
“With the financial and social pressures looming in the background, managing the season might require
some added effort from most individuals and businesses. However, prioritizing, planning and budgeting
in a strategic way will not only help to experience the joy the season brings but will also help to prepare
for the upcoming new year,” stated Nadun Pathirana, Head of Retail Sales from NDB Wealth.
Elaborating further Nadun Pathirana said, “The season is always a good time to evaluate spending and
plan your savings for the next season. Starting a bit early will benefit everyone vastly. Putting a small
amount of money away during the weeks leading up to the festivities will help you to feel more in
control of your finances and will leave you with a backup for emergencies.”
NDB Wealth offers a range of investment plans to help you manage your financial planning stress free.
The joyful time of the season can be enhanced, allowing investors to even indulge in luxurious spending
if required. Money Fund, a Money Market fund from NDB Wealth is one way of enhancing your
celebrations this season. This account will help you to plan ahead and prepare especially for festive
times such as Christmas. An excellent, multi-purpose account for individuals and corporates, Money
Fund helps you to solidify the future and step up in life, making it the account for every season, for
everyone. With a current yield of 7.30% as at 16 th December 2021 Money Fund from NDB Wealth will get
your savings and investments working harder for you, delivering a host of benefits offering lucrative
returns, with interest credited daily and offering a high level of capital safety enabling investors to enjoy
and live stress free.
It’s time to spend and save merrily. Visit www.ndbwealth.com or call on 0719 788 788 to speak to a
relationship managers and set up your Money Fund. You can also visit their website
www.ndbwealth.com to explore other investment opportunities, or even connect with NDB Wealth’s
exemplary team of financial planners who can help you to achieve full financial freedom, with all the
benefits it entails.

NDB Wealth is a fully owned subsidiary of the NDB Bank, one of the fastest growing financial services
conglomerates in Sri Lanka, with the strategic mission to be the leader in the financial services and
banking sector. From its inception, the group which includes NDB Bank, NDB Investment Banking, NDB
Wealth, NDB Securities, and NDB Capital has been a catalyst in the development of the nation,
strengthening and empowering entrepreneurs, corporates and individuals from all strata of the
economy. The customers across all NDB Group companies have benefited from the extensive product
and service offerings of the NDB Bank and its affiliates.

*Current yield is variable and subject to change. Past performance is not indicative of future
performance. Investors are advised to read and understand the contents of the Exploratory
Memorandum before investing. Among others, investors should consider the fees and charges involved.

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