Sustainable growth remains
top priority for CBL Group

CBL placed in Top 03 Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Awards

The CBL Group was awarded second runner-up at the Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability
Awards 2021 in recognition for its continued commitment to driving meaningful growth across
its value chain. The awards, organized by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce for the 18 th
consecutive year, are the result of a rigorous evaluation process of demonstrated commitment
to sustainable business growth and national development.
As one of Sri Lanka’s leading food conglomerates CBL plays a key role in the growth and stability
of the industry and its value chain. Ensuring that stakeholder communities from farm to table
grow sustainably to face the risks of the future and partner CBL’s growth, is crucial to the
continued success of CBL and its brands Munchee, Ritzbury, Revello, Tiara, Samaposha,
Nutriline, Lankasoy and Sera.
Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the Group has achieved remarkable growth in its
business and for its brands. In the last financial year, CBL recorded a 31% increase in Group
turnover and expanded export presence amidst crippling logistical obstacles to cover 08 new
countries and achieve 17% export turnover growth.
Group Managing Director Shea Wickramasingha says “Our growth is partnered by our
stakeholders across the CBL value chain and during the pandemic, CBL had a large role to play
in ensuring that these stakeholders had stable livelihoods and continued access to growth
opportunities. Our products touch every Sri Lankan home and consumers in over 60+ countries
worldwide. CBL Teams have taken extraordinary measures to ensure that we consistently fulfil
our responsibilities to all our consumers and stakeholders, even in the face of really difficult

The Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Award recognized CBL’s commitment to ethical and
sustainable business practices and CBL Group placed in the Top 10 Best Corporate Citizens
Sustainability 2021, Winner of the Manufacturing sector and Best Presented Application. The
esteemed panel of judges evaluated applications from the nation’s leading listed and unlisted
companies on environmental commitment and integration, people practices, customer
relations, community relations, governance and economic performance. This year, the criteria
also included emergency preparedness and resilience in the face of pandemic challenges.

Group Chairman Ramya Wickramasingha and Group Managing Director Sheamalee
Wickramasingha accepting the award on behalf of the CBL Group.

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