Perera and Sons committed to raising the bar for
Sri Lankan Esports with Gamer.LK

Esports has been growing rapidly over the last few years in Sri Lanka with an exponential
number of players entering what is widely regarded as the “fastest growing sport” in Sri Lanka.
Perera and Sons partnered with Gamer.LK in 2019 and stepped into the fray to amplify the local
Esports culture with two massive online championships featuring popular Esports titles.
This year, Perera and Sons returns in partnership with Gamer.LK to launch the second edition
of the championships, the PUBG Mobile P&S Series and the P&S Free Fire Contenders
featuring Sri Lanka’s most popular Esports titles. Both championships will be team based battle
royale tournaments, starting off with qualifier group stages progressing to knockout based semi-
final and final rounds.
Perera and Sons has upped the ante this year for both tournaments with a prize pool of Rs.
150,000 for the PUBG Mobile P&S Series and a prize pool of Rs. 50,000 for the P&S Free Fire
Both championships are officially endorsed by the Sri Lanka Esports Association and results will
contribute to national player rankings. This significantly opens up opportunities for local players
who – based on their performance and subsequent ranking – could be eligible for national
Esports team roster consideration. The PUBG Mobile P&S Series is also endorsed by the
developers of PUBG Mobile, Tencent Holdings, making it an internationally recognized
Last year’s championships by Perera and Sons received a massive amount of interest and
engagement from the Sri Lankan gaming and Esports community with over 170,000 viewers
tuning in, a social reach of 2 million, and over 1,300 players participating.
Perera and Sons has been a household brand for over a century, bringing people together
through its meals. While last year’s championships upheld this enriching tradition through
various engagements, this year’s championships promise to take it even further.
Anyone who registers for the championships will also be registered for the Perera and Sons
Family First loyalty program which entitles its members to a range of exclusive benefits and
privileges. The gaming and Esports community will also get to be a part of uplifting the lives of
Sri Lankans through the Perera and Sons Manumehewara CSR initiative.
“When we first partnered with Gamer.LK we saw how Esports is more than just a sport, and
brings people of all walks of life together in a supportive and ever evolving culture. Esports is
the future of all sports, and with the Asian Games 2022 including Esports as medal events we
are committed to supporting both players and the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka as
they take Sri Lankan Esports to the world” Perera & Sons Managing Director Gihan Perera

Both championships are poised to be novel experiences for the Sri Lankan gaming and Esports
community. Players can now register teams for both tournaments at

Perera and Sons expands its Esports presence in Sri Lanka in partnership with Gamer.LK

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