HRM 2 by Enfection – digital blueprint for human resource professionals

Colombo-based marketing transformation company, Enfection, reaffirms its commitment
to providing in-demand specialised tools through its human resources service, HRM 2 .
The award-winning firm’s Human Resource Management (HRM) solution converges
HRM and Marketing, providing a 360-degree blueprint on employer branding,
recruitment, and retention – with solutions that help achieve both short and long-term
goals so that organizations can realize their growth potential with the right people in
The last few years have had a drastic impact on the role of HR, compounded further by
the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, with companies having to react rapidly to
constantly evolving scenarios. However, with Sri Lanka tipped to be the new regional
hub for both knowledge and employment, the demand for human resources is predicted
to be back on the rise.
This in turn translates into an increase in competition for talent in industries such as IT,
hospitality, and apparel, among others. In the IT industry alone -with FDIs and offshore
servicing now gaining traction-, the challenges in filling vacancies for IT professionals is
fast becoming the primary reason for stagnating business growth. As a result, employer
branding is essential in attracting ideal candidates through an inbound talent sourcing
plan, so that potential employees can apply directly; as opposed to the company
investing in outbound recruitment.
Creating an inbound funnel for recruitment calls for the convergence of:

  • Talent lead generation
  • Integrated technology and learning
  • Always-on employer branding approach
    HRM 2 by Enfection provides a comprehensive offering, bringing together the best of
    digital knowledge, branding, and understanding of human behavior, to provide clients
    with the branding strategy, technology (tools), and recruitment (conversions) that enable
    both HR professionals and organizations to solve their recruitment, retention, and
    learning needs.
    HRM 2 mines various micro-moments of a potential employee’s digital journey, looking at
    how they engage with a brand in order create top-of-mind recall; even when they are

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years away from the job market. This is where it is essential to have a holistic ‘always
on’ employer branding strategy that touches on each point of the journey – especially in
a competitive market such as Sri Lanka.
“More often than not, HR and Marketing teams tend to work in silos, as both have
varying levels of objectives,” explained Saliya Withana, Co-Founder/CEO at Enfection.
“This is where working with a partner that understands the psyche of potential
employees and how to communicate with them matters.”
“An ideal marketing partner for an HR team needs to have the necessary expertise,
experience, and technology, to drive an employer branding and recruitment strategy,
which will also be more cost-effective in the long term. This will help organizations focus
on core business functions,” he added.
While staff recruitment is one part of the puzzle, staff retention is another. The modern
millennial thinks very differently, and engages with various digital platforms, and so, it is
essential for the HR team to have solutions that are geared for this. HRM 2 introduces
gamified solutions that will link to retention strategies so that employees are
continuously engaged on various social media channels. Furthermore, through specially
curated content, organizations will consistently be driving engagement with current and
potential employees.
Additionally, HRM 2 helps clients develop learning tools so that employees can up their
skills continuously as well –resulting in robust and future-proof learning plans.
Since its inception in 2017, Enfection has earned for itself a reputation for empowering
clients with the most innovative HR marketing solutions. Having already built up an
extensive portfolio -including some of the most reputed Sri Lankan as well as global
organizations (MAS Holdings, WSO2, HNB, Keells, IFS, etc.), Enfection’s white label
learning platform is currently being used by a Fortune 500 company across 14 countries
in Asia. More recently, the company won a regional PRCA SEA award in 2021 for the
gamified retention platform built for LAM Research, an enterprise with about 14,000
employees globally.
Through HRM 2 , Enfection plans to empower HR teams with the relevant tools,
knowledge and strategies to help them achieve their HR goals.

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