Global Systems Solutions defends the Mercantile-
level Esports Championship for the second year

For the sixth consecutive year, Gamer.LK brought the thrill and excitement of Esports to the
corporate community across the country, with its Mercantile Esports Championship powered by
Samsung Sri Lanka. Global Systems Solutions (GSS) defended the Championship title for the
second consecutive year.
Esports, short for Electronic Sports, is the competitive play of video games – an officially
recognised sport in Sri Lanka by the Ministry of Sports. Esports athletes from Sri Lanka have
represented their country at an international level and are looking to bring home a medal when
they compete in Esports at the 19th Asian Games to be held in Hangzhou, China.
Giving competitors a chance to represent their companies in Esports, the sixth edition of the
Championship saw employees representing over 75 companies taking part in the month-long
online format, introduced in 2020 in response to the ongoing pandemic situation. Global
Systems Solutions (GSS) emerged victorious with the most gold medals and thereby securing
the Championship for the second year. HSBC HDPL came in second while Pearson Lanka
came in third.
In addition, Ardent Brooke, C3 Digital Signage Solutions, EDI TCH Logistic, Egosurf, IFS R&D
International Pvt Ltd, Luxe Designs, O2 Stores Pvt Ltd, Praveen Electricals, Sysco, TecRoot,
We Are Designers and WSO2 picked up gold medals in the tournament.
“GSS is proud to have participated in the Championship for the 3rd successive year. As a
dynamic player in the BPO sector with a large pool of young talent, Esports has given an
opportunity to our employees to show their metal in an area they are masters in. Last year too
our staff bagged the Championships and in 2021 we fielded over 150 enthusiastic participants
for the games. Congratulations and good wishes for the continuity of this annual event.” stated
Ian Bertus, Chief HR & legal officer – Global Systems Solutions.
Samsung Sri Lanka was the title sponsor for the Championship. Samsung has been at the
forefront of developing products and services for gamers and promoting Esports in Sri Lanka
over the years, as it was identified as the fastest growing sport in the country.
Red Bull energized the championship, with their signature brand of flair and energy. They have
also been a significant part of Sri Lanka’s Esports growth over the years by partnering with &
conducting unique Esports events.

The Championship is set to return for its seventh edition in July 2022.

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