Sajith attacked during visit to Galle Face protest area

A group of people who gathered at the scene expressed their objection to the Opposition Leader, who is also the Leader of the Samagi Jana Balawegaya and threw bottles and poles at him.

Issuing a statement through his official Facebook page, Premadasa said the attack on the protestors near the Temple Trees, the Presidential Secretariat and also on him was carried out by a group of political terrorists attached to the present government.

While condemning these attacks, the Opposition Leader stressed that stern legal action should be taken against those who participated in this brutal action yesterday.

He also said the anti-government protests carried out for a period of one month by the people in Colombo were fully peaceful and innocent. “They had innocence instead of violence on their hands”, he said.

The Opposition Leader, escorted by his security officers, was accompanied to the Galleface by MPs Eran Wickramaratne and Kavinga Jayawardane.

The MPs and the official vehicle of the Opposition Leader were also attacked by the individuals.

Later, the Opposition Leader and the MPs left the location under police security.

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