PM Moots Donor Confab

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday bagan discussions with foreign nations with the objective of forming an International Forum for Financial Assistance to Sri Lanka to overcome the economic crisis.

Preliminary discussions in this regard were held with Indian, United States, Japanese and Chinese envoys in Colombo yesterday evening. The discussion between the Prime Minister and Indian High Commissioner in Colombo Gopal Bagley focused on cooperation for economic recovery and stability in Sri Lanka through democratic processes towards the well being of all the people of Sri Lanka.

The High Commissioner said that India is committed to provide continued assistance to Sri Lanka.

Japanese ambassador in Colombo Mizukoshi Hideaki pledged continued assistance to Sri Lanka during the discussion with the Prime Minister yesterday.The Ambassador said that he will leave for Tokyo today to discuss and report the Sri Lanka’s situation to the authorities concerned.

The Prime Minister also had a discussion with US ambassador in Sri Lanka Julie Chung over the impending visit of US Department of Treasury officials to Sri Lanka.The discussion also focused on the 19th Amendment to the Constitution and strengthening of oversight committees in Parliament.

China’s envoy in Colombo Yi Xianliang reiterated their continued support to Sri Lanka when he met the Prime Minister yesterday. He also pledged to review the loans granted to Sri Lanka during this discussion.

The Prime Minister had a conversation with British High Commissioner in Sri Lanka Sarah Hulton over the phone. She has told the Prime Minister that she would report to her Government the present situation in Sri Lanka. They also focused on ways and means to alleviate the burden on the people due to the economic crisis.

UK High Commissioner Sarah Hulton.-US Ambassador Julie Chung-China Ambassador Qi Zhenghong-Japanese Ambassador Mizukoshi Hideaki-India High Commissioner Gopal Baglay

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