Justice Minister promises 21A in Cabinet next week

Newly appointed Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe said yesterday that the 21st Amendment to the Constitution will be passed as soon as possible as the legislature and the executive must be reconciled in the face of a crisis in the country.

The Minister also said that the 21st Amendment to the Constitution will be re-enacted to eliminate political instability.

He said the 21st Amendment to the Constitution would be drafted and presented to the Cabinet next week, after which it would be passed in Parliament. He said the 21st Amendment will be a new Amendment.

The Minister highlighted that he had taken over the post of Justice Minister to carry out public responsibilities independently at the strong request of the Prime Minister at a time when the economy and political instability were collapsing.

Rajapakshe said the country has collapsed economically and is politically unstable. “We must give priority to the economic crisis. The economy cannot be stabilized without being politically stable. Although I did not intend to be a minister at this time, I accepted the strong request of the President and the Prime Minister to act independently. Today we are facing the consequences of the people’s leaders not giving priority to fulfilling the needs of the people. “Weeks ago we revealed in Parliament how the economy is deteriorating and who is responsible for it.We said in Parliament that there should be an All Party Interim-Government in the country. As the government and political leaders did not listen to that, the youth in the country began struggles.”

“However, all these breakdowns were due to the breakdown of the rule of law in the country. We hope to establish the rule of law in this country irrespective of party affiliation, color or political affiliation. We request the media to support it,” he added. 

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