Alumex Awarded as an Integrated Reporting Leader in Asia

Sri Lanka’s largest aluminium extrusion manufacturer Alumex PLC was recently
recognized for its strong commitment towards transparency and governance at the Asia
Integrated Reporting Awards. Alumex was honoured with a Bronze award in the
Integrated Report (SME) category for clearly and concisely communicating its value
creation to stakeholders via integrated reporting.
Value creation is at the heart of integrated reporting, which helps companies to embed
long-term sustainability into their business model. Integrated reporting goes beyond the
conventional approach to communicating value creation and encompasses other forms
of value created within the organization through the change or transformation of its
capital. Alumex, for example, engages in value creation beyond the purely financial,
encompassing both social and natural capital. Thus, the purpose of an integrated report
is to provide the kind of information that enables the reader to more accurately assess
the organization’s ability to create value over time.
Integrated reporting is considered increasingly important as businesses seek to
enhance accountability, stewardship and trust by providing investors with the
information they need to make more efficient capital allocation decisions that, in turn,
facilitate better long-term investment returns. “Alumex adopted integrated reporting to
better communicate the strategic decisions and directions taken by the company and
the impact we create for people and the planet. We are honoured to be recognized for
our efforts to drive value creation for our stakeholders, and thank AIRA for this
accolade,” said Pramuk Dediwela, Managing Director of Alumex PLC.
Rajesh Chhabara, Managing Director of CSRWorks and founder of AIRA, said “Alumex
PLC has demonstrated its leadership in integrated reporting. A best practice example,
its integrated report shows how it applies integrated thinking and a multi-capital
approach to create value for its shareholders and stakeholders over time.”
The Asia Integrated Reporting Awards (AIRA) is organized by CSRWorks International,
a Singapore-based sustainability services firm focused on advisory, training and thought
leadership. Alumex PLC was recognized amongst 94 entries from eight countries
across eight categories at a virtual ceremony. Via preliminary evaluations, 25
companies from six countries advanced to the finals followed by the selection of just 12
winners across Asia, by an expert judging panel. The awards ceremony was attended

160/1 Polhengoda Road, Colombo 5 | +94 773 082 888 |

by over 250 senior business leaders and sustainability practitioners, and opened with an
address by the Guest of Honour, H.E. Ms Kara Owen, the British High Commissioner to
Singapore. Attendees also included dignitaries from embassies, academia, trade
associations and advocacy organizations.
Alumex pioneered the concept of fully integrated aluminium manufacturing with its
inception in 1986. Since then, the company has developed its portfolio with a reputation
as Sri Lanka’s leading provider of best-in-class and specialized commercial, industrial,
residential, and architectural aluminium extrusion profiles. In 2019 Alumex ventured into
international markets, experiencing a rapid growth trajectory with exports to Australia,
Bangladesh, Canada, India, Kenya, the Maldives, Nepal, New Zealand, the Seychelles,
Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States, while simultaneously
expanding its operations across the globe. The company’s strong commitment to
sustainability was reinforced with the Eco-Label certification of its entire aluminium
extrusion portfolio by the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka (GBCSL).

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