80% drop in country’s egg consumption

The consumption of eggs by the country’s population has decreased by 80 percent and the price of eggs will increase in the future, poultry farmers said.

“The cost of egg production has risen by 35 percent and only 50 percent of the largest poultry farms are currently operational.

At present, the retail price of an egg in the Sri Lankan market is between Rs.30-38.

They also said that 80 percent of poultry farms operating at village level have been completely closed down, due to a sharp rise in the prices of materials required for the poultry industry. This has severely affected the poultry industry which used to be a small rural industry,” poultry farmers said. As a result, many of those who used to run poultry farms have given up their old enterprises and are now engaged in other fields. He added that the price of eggs will continue to rise until many of the country’s problems, including the economic crisis, are resolved.

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