Two-week work from home period introduced for public sector employees

A Circular has been issued to the Government servants to work from home for two weeks from Monday (20), Ministry of Public Administration announced.

This decision will not be applicable to employees in essential services.

Work from home will continue for a period of two weeks until the fuel crisis in the country is solved.

The Circular stated that this decision was taken due to public transport being hampered due to the fuel crisis and even operating private transport is a problem in this present situation.

The Secretaries to the relevant Ministries have been authorised to decide on summoning the minimum staff required for the functioning of the relevant department or assigning the staff members to the nearest branch.

Even in the event staff members are required to report for duty, a shift system or other suitable mechanism should be implemented.

However, in the event the relevant staff member fails to report for duty on the assigned day or shift, then it should be deducted from his leave.

Further, all employees are required to be prepared to carry out their assigned duties online. The Circular also states that it could be discussed with SLTB to transport staff required for services for state institutions in each area.

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