UTE Commences Retail Distribution of CAT® Lubricants

United Tractor and Equipment (Pvt) Limited (UTE) commenced
retail distribution of CAT® Lubricants, adding further value to its 75-year relationship with the
Caterpillar (CAT®) Tractor Company. UTE, which for the past 18 years has supplied genuine
oil for Caterpillar equipment in the construction industry, has expanded its business to
benefit a broader consumer segment in the automobile industry.
“Caterpillar produces the world’s no. 1 high performance lubricant, and as the sole
authorized Caterpillar dealer in Sri Lanka, UTE is delighted to bring you the full range of
CAT® oils. We invite retailers, service stations and other stakeholders to join hands with us
to take the world class CAT® Lubricants to consumers, whether they drive a Car, an SUV, a
Lorry, or a Prime Mover in order to increase the performance standards of their diesel
engines.”, stated Deepthi Hewageegana, Chief Executive Officer of United Tractor and
Equipment (Pvt) Limited.
The CAT® Lubricant range of products available islandwide through UTE include CAT®
DEO ™ Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils, CAT® HYDO ™ ADVANCED high performance
hydraulic fluids, CAT® TDTO ™ drive train and transmission oil, CAT® GREASES™ and,
the CAT® ELC™ extended life coolant.
“CAT® developed lubricants initially for their heavy-duty Caterpillar engines that always
demanded high performance. CAT® oils are designed to immunize engines, giving them the
essential power to perform. It is that technology and standard that is now being passed on to
day-to-day automobile users who seek the ideal product for their engines. The CAT DEO ™
15W 40 CI-4 Diesel Engine oil increases efficiency of the engine, improves equipment
performance and offers optimum savings for consumers.”, added Anasuya Gunasena, Chief
Marketing Officer of United Tractor and Equipment (Pvt) Limited.
UTE has a long-standing collaboration with Caterpillar and is now recognized as one of the
oldest CAT® dealers in South Asia, as well as the first Sri Lankan firm to import heavy
construction machines. Focusing on operational excellence and living up to its purpose with
their top-notch customer service, the company is the lone Sri Lankan candidate in the
Superbrands® ‘General Machinery’ category, providing the finest quality engineering
solutions and unrivalled service support for over seven decades, positing it as the only firm
that can supply the broadest assortment of single brand machinery.
The UTE Parts Store/PCC (Parts.Cat.Com) is the fastest, easiest, and most reliable website
to find and order over 1.4 million genuine CAT® parts online. Orders can be placed 24/7 with
the mobile-friendly interface and the parts will be shipped to any location in the island or can
be picked up from any of UTE’s branches. The company is home to the Island’s most
experienced and largest team of Customer Support personnel and Caterpillar trained
technicians in the industry. Serving customers throughout the island, the company has
branches in Panchikawatta, Matara, Kurunegala, Anuradhapura and Kilinochchi adding to its

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