Litro to distribute 140,000 gas cylinders in Colombo on Monday and Tuesday

The Litro Gas company has made arrangements to distribute 140,000 LP domestic gas cylinders in the Colombo City next Monday and Tuesday by 70 trucks.

The Company said that domestic gas cylinders will be issued to the agents around the country from Wednesday. It is planned to ensure a continuous supply of Gas to the consumers to meet the demand for the next four months.

The first ship carrying 3700 MT of gas is to reach the Colombo Harbour tomorrow (10).

According to the agreement reached by the Litro Gas Company and the World Bank on June 30, the company will ensure a continuous supply of Gas for four months

The country will receive 100,000 MT of gas under this agreement and 22,000MT of gas is to be supplied to the country within this month. The World Bank will provide US$ 70 million for this purpose while the company allocates US$ 20 million for the purpose.

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