Unleash a pro-level gaming experience with ViewSonic’s latest 240Hz Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic, a brand known for its outstanding visual solutions across the world, will be releasing
its latest professional gaming monitor, XG2431 in Sri Lanka. The XG2431 will be available from
August 2022 at all leading computer stores around the country.
The XG2431 features an ultra-sleek 24 inch IPS display with a lightning-fast refresh rate of upto
240Hz and an increased responsiveness of 1ms. Players can enjoy split-second accuracy on
their games with a fast response time, giving them the opportunity to compete effortlessly like
pro-Esports athletes in fast paced FPS, MOBA and RTS games.
The monitor is equipped with ViewSonic PureXP™ which utilises strobe backlights to reduce
motion blur and image ghosting. This provides maximised visual clarity for fast-paced, graphics-
heavy games The motion blur reduction on the monitor has been certified by Blur Busters who
are industry-renowned experts that confirm high-quality motion reduction modes on gaming
monitors, while the AMD FreeSync™ Premium technology virtually eliminates screen tearing
and stuttering, allowing a low latency, fluid gaming experience.
The XG2431 also has an additional soft, expandable mouse anchor which gamers can utilise to
avoid cable tangling and improve game precision by keeping the mouse cable taut in the heat of
battle allowing smooth, drag-free mouse movements. The monitor is also equipped with tilt,
pivot, swivel and height adjustments, giving gamers the ergonomic freedom to angle and move
the display to match their style of play.
Viewsonic has continued to provide quality gaming display solutions for both casual gamers and
hardcore Esports athletes.
For more information, visit https://www.viewsonic.com/lk/buy/

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