Hayleys Fabric surpasses global giants to win new Sustainable Impact Award at International Quality Awards 2022- UK

Hayleys Fabric set a global benchmark in sustainability, bagging the coveted Sustainability Impact
Award at the recently concluded International Quality Awards (IQA) 2022 held in London.
Sri Lanka’s largest textile manufacturer was crowned winner of the new category for its unique
processes and procedures established to drive sustainability across its core functions. Held annually,
the internationally acclaimed IQA celebrates the achievements of exceptional quality professionals
and auditors across the globe.
“Sustainability has always been one of our core values, built into the structure of our DNA by our
parent company, the Hayleys Group. Given the textile industry’s environmental impact, we have
taken measures to implement the principles of circularity throughout all stages of the value chain,
from design to production, all the way to the consumer.
“The introduction of the Hayleys Lifecode, an ESG-driven roadmap, fine-tuned these processes
further, strengthening our commitments to sustainability to bring value to all our present and future
stakeholders. As such, we are honoured to have been recognized for our efforts globally and
delighted to have showcased Sri Lankan ingenuity on an international platform,” Hayleys Fabric
Managing Director/CEO Rohan Goonetilleke said.
Moreover, Hayleys Fabric was recognised for its ESG commitment and alignment with 14 of the 17
UNSDGs, including climate action and water conservation. The manufacturer’s strategic roadmap
further emphasizes the need to seize opportunities to shape a greener future.
Commenting on Hayleys Fabric’s commitment to sustainability, the panel of judges stated that: “Our
winner evidences a long-standing commitment to sustainability, in all dimensions, throughout the
organization and notably from the top. When selecting the winners of IQA awards, we always look
for answers to the “so what” question. In this case, our winner can evidence many sustainability
successes, including that their huge efforts in improving water quality are saving many lives. This is a
remarkable achievement.”
Finalists for the Awards included global heavyweights Jacobs, a global engineering firm for its unique
ESG strategy developed through stakeholder engagement, and Troup Bywaters+ Anders, an
engineering partnership for its strategic commitment to sustainability for positive social impact.

Press Release
Most recently, the manufacturer’s ‘WARNA by Mahogany’, a natural dye created through a new line
of organic, eco-friendly fabric, spearheaded by the Head of Innovative Sustainability, Leonie Vass, was
listed among the Top 10 global innovations at the ISPO Textrends Spring/Summer 2024. The
achievement strengthened Hayleys Fabric’s reputation as a worldwide pioneer in specialized,
sustainable, circular fabric sourcing for the apparel sector. The product was part of a waste-to-
fashion initiative pioneered by Hayleys Fabric in the local industry.
The initiative supports multiple United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), such as
responsible consumption and production, sustainable innovation and infrastructure, clean water and
sanitation, life below water, life on land and climate change.
Hayleys Fabric PLC is a pioneer in textiles manufacturing in Sri Lanka, capable of delivering end-to-
end solutions from design to manufacture, and was the first apparel sector company to be listed on
the Colombo Stock Exchange in 2003. The Hayleys Fabric Group has a production capacity of over
6 million meters of cotton and synthetic fabric per month and has the largest manufacturing capacity
in Sri Lanka. The company is a leading partner to globally renowned fashion and apparel brands.
Photo Caption: Hayleys Fabric team receiving the award at the event.

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