Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: The Journey to the Next Generation of Foldable Innovation Starts Today

For over a decade, Samsung Galaxy Unpacked events have been the culmination of innovation,
engineering and celebration — bringing together the Galaxy community from all over the world
to unveil the latest Samsung Galaxy innovations.
Since its inception in 2009, Unpacked has been more than just a new product launch. It’s an
event that unites Samsung fans and recognizes the hard work from thousands of employees
that goes into each new product. Samsung fans have tuned into Unpacked events to experience
the next generation of Galaxy innovations that make up the true spirit of Samsung and push the
mobile industry forward.
As the world opens up to new experiences, Samsung is reimagining Unpacked through the lens
of our Galaxy openness philosophy to match the creativity of our unparalleled new foldable. Its
ambition is not just to innovate the new technologies but also to innovate its marketing
approach. To accomplish this, Samsung will ensure that the Galaxy experience is open to
A Greater Galaxy Experience
Leading up to the next Unpacked experience, Samsung is launching the greater than campaign
today that teases a world made greater than before with the imminent launch of the new
foldable devices. The universal greater than symbol (>) represents how its foldables’ unique
form factor doesn’t just change shape, they change how Samsung interacts with its devices. 
Defying expectations of what smartphones are capable of yet again, Samsung is bringing new
ways to work, play and capture life through this new series.
Bringing the Best of Hybrid
This year’s strategy embraces a new age of Unpacked. It takes the best of on and offline events
and makes them even better.
Introducing new immersive and experiential event spaces that will allow consumers around the
world to get hands-on and explore our products in a fun, creative, engaging and immersive
Innovation isn’t just about radical ideas; it’s about unlocking new experiences that transform our
daily lives for the better. Meaningful innovations go beyond the technical and provide a platform
upon which our everyday lives become richer and more versatile — opening us up to greater
possibilities than ever before.
The experience will take over spaces in the hearts of London’s Piccadilly Circus and New York’s
Meatpacking District — two neighbourhoods that match the energy and excitement of
Samsung’s upcoming announcements. These events will unite Galaxy fans, journalists,
partners, and Samsung employees from all over the world and allow them to explore the latest
Samsung products and innovations like never before.

Press Release
The Best Is “Yet to Come”
In a nod to its iconic product colourway Bora Purple, embracing diversity and optimism,
Samsung paints the town purple. Samsung and BTS will partner for an unmissable trans-
Atlantic premier of the ‘Yet to Come’ foldable video on August 10.
The full version of the video will premiere at 4 p.m. EDT in several popular districts, including
Times Square in New York, taking over these iconic destinations to show the new video on
some of the biggest and most recognizable screens worldwide. 
Watch Unpacked on Samsung Newsroom, and Samsung’s YouTube channel on
August 10, 2022, at 6.30 pm IST. There are also a number of activities that you can join in to do
while the Galaxy Unpacked Live is happening through your Samsung Members app, such a
polls and games as well. You can livestream the Unpacked session through Samsung Sri Lanka
Facebook and Youtube platforms.

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