Elephant House and Cleantech launches a Recyclable Material Recovery Facility

Elephant House together with Cleantech, recently partnered to operate another Material
Recovery Facility (MRF) ” to further promote recycling and better plastic waste
management practices across the country.
Located in Western Province, this recyclable Plastic Collection Centre is equipped with
dedicated transport and service personnel to collect post-consumption recyclable plastic
from collection points. The Centre will also have machinery investments to transform the
collected plastic into value added plastic waste to supply to the recyclers in the country.
Commenting on the launch of the Centre, John Keells Group Executive Vice President, Chief
Financial Officer Consumer Foods Industry Nelindra Fernando, said, “In today’s world we
need to focus on sustainable projects that will benefit society and the environment.
Through this project, we aim to promote good practices for our consumers while providing a
feasible solution. Together with Gunadamin Elephant House, partnering with Cleantech, we
hope to provide our consumers a valuable service and reduce the plastic pollution.”
“Investing in a MRF to collect recyclable plastic collection, a project funded by Ceylon Cold
Stores PLC is a joint effort to bring together key stakeholders in our shared vision to reduce
plastic pollution in Sri Lanka. Collectors of recyclable plastic waste play an integral role in a
circular economy and need to be supported to expand their infrastructure, capacity and
reach,” commented Kasun Karunanayake – Head of Circular Economy Services Cleantech Pvt
Ltd. “We are delighted to partner with Elephant House in this journey” he further added.
Elephant House is a legendary brand with strong brand recognition and nostalgia
synonymous with over 150 years of heritage and trust. Elephant house is a trusted
household staple brand, loved and embraced by consumers, enabling the brand to widen its
product portfolio and offerings. The organisation has engaged in several initiatives to
improve their business practices and encourage protection and preservation of the
environment and community wellness.
Gunadamin Elephant House is the CSR brand of Elephant House that encapsulates all
initiatives that are carried out primarily for the greater good of the society. This project is a
part of Waste Management pillar which, collectively with the two other pillars of
Community and Sustainable Sourcing makes up the whole of Gunadamin Elephant House.

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