Nawaloka Hospitals bolsters their patients’ access to healthcare with free shuttle service

In an effort to mitigate the impact of the ongoing macro-economic
crisis on patients’ access to healthcare, pioneering private healthcare provider
Nawaloka Hospitals, recently announced the launch of a free shuttle service to transport
OPD patients based in Colombo and its suburbs, to and from the hospital.
The initiative comes at a time when dire challenges in transportation and the rise of
COVID cases in the country have often prevented patients from travelling to access the
healthcare support they require. Further, Nawaloka Hospitals has also taken the
initiative to provide ambulances free of charge to transport patients who require hospital
admission for treatment, from all across the island.
“The ongoing economic crisis in the country is an issue that has had a grave impact on
the healthcare sector, for both patients and healthcare workers. No one should have to
compromise their health and safety because they are unable or are reluctant to travel to
medical appointments. This is just one initiative under a larger plan we have put in place
to ensure that patients will continue to get the treatments and care they need at the right
time and in the best possible setting at Nawaloka Hospitals.
“As responsible private healthcare provider that has always put patients first, we took it
upon ourselves to assist those facing this challenging situation and continue to improve
the health of our community, in a number of ways – from online medical consultations to
medicine and report delivery, among others. We will continue to do our part in reducing
the burden of healthcare on our people as we move through this difficult period
together,” remarked Nawaloka Hospitals Head of Marketing, Rasika Thilakaratne.
As a pioneer in the private healthcare sector, Nawaloka Hospitals has always been at
the forefront of enabling patient access to high-quality, affordable healthcare for over
three decades. At the beginning of this tough macro-economic climate in the country,
the hospital launched numerous initiatives to ease the process of procuring healthcare
for patients.

Patients can now consult highly experienced doctors specializing in a diverse portfolio
of ailments, with just a video or audio call. They can select, book and pay for both their
digital or physical appointments online. They can also get their prescriptions along with
lab and diagnostic reports from MRI, CT, Ultrasound and Blood Investigations delivered
right to their homes. For medicine delivery, customers can get their prescriptions vetted
by Nawaloka for drug availability, their prices, and any available substitutes by
uploading their prescriptions to a digital platform accessible by a QR code.
When it comes to admissions, patients no longer have to spend a long time at the
entrance for triage and check-ins, they can fill out any necessary documentation on their
way through Whatsapp and get admitted to the hospital in a minimal amount of time.
Further, families or loved ones can conveniently book a stay in one of the hospital’s
dedicated family rooms till their patient can be discharged, to overcome the transport
and find accommodation at this time.

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