Kingslake celebrates 15 years of partnership with Don Carolis

Kingslake, Sri Lanka’s leading manufacturing solutions expert, is celebrating 15 years of
a time-honoured partnership with the country’s most trusted, oldest, and largest
furniture manufacturer, retailer, and exporter, Don Carolis and Sons (Pvt) Ltd. The
collaboration was initiated in the year 2007 when Don Carolis sought to implement the
Infor SyteLine ERP system, with the purpose of simplifying and automating the
company’s complex manufacturing processes.
Infor SyteLine is an advanced and highly flexible solution that offers manufacturers the
functionality required to remain competitive in today’s complex, global environment.
Offering a range of capabilities from advanced planning and material management, to
financials, SyteLine delivers everything manufacturers need in a standard package.
With this solution, manufacturers are afforded a significant advantage in advancing their
business operations through the deployment of advanced information technology.
“We implemented an integrated system where stores, customers, vendors, as well as
production and finance operations are connected. The Log module was also of great
importance since it is a highly specialized system which reconciles the outgoing Log
with the incoming planks; thereby determining the Log yield,” said Kingslake Vice
President-Business Consulting, Shalika Pituwala.
“Now that the core operational modules are in place, we are currently looking at taking
advantage of automating our key business processes to align with Industry 4.0, also
making use of the data that’s available for digitalization in order to further enhance our
customers’ digital experience,” added Devika Waidyaratne, Director of H. Don Carolis &
Sons (Pvt) Ltd.
“At Don Carolis, labour is a vital part of the production cost, and this needs to be tracked
in detail operation-wise, especially because certain payments are made on a production
incentive model based on the quantity produced,” commented Thusitha Ferdinando, IT
Manager of Don Carolis. “It is also necessary to quantify the standard time and the
actual time spent on a job,” he added. “The SyteLine Production module facilitated for
us the maintenance of the employee standard and actual labor costs, and through time
sheets, also assisted our finance department when it came to making payments.
Overall, the SyteLine production module has aided our operations tremendously, owing
mainly to the potential of the software to better define operations with machine and
labour details”

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Commenting on the partnership with Kingslake, Viraj Hewavitharane, Chairman &
Managing Director of H. Don Carolis said, “It has been a pleasure working with the
Kingslake team over the past few years, and we are truly appreciative of Kingslake’s
professionalism and customer service. We look forward to continuing our growing
partnership with Kingslake.
“From the outset, our mission has been to enable local manufacturers to excel; from
product concept, design and manufacture, to delivery,” commented Kingslake CEO
Duleep Fernando. “Leveraging expertise and capabilities built up throughout our
partnership with Infor, we have actively supported diverse organizations in enhancing
their efficiency and expanding productivity; from furniture to value-added tea, rubber-
based products to complex electronics, high fashion apparel to elastics, packaging to
plastics, molds to tools, and electrical devices to glass. Our clients have generated
increased profits using our solutions and expertise.”
Since its founding in 1860, Don Carolis has crafted furniture with a singular, unwavering
commitment to excellence and value. Combining traditional methods and commitment
to craftsmanship with new advanced technology and modern equipment, Don Carolis- a
family owned business- offers the very best in craftsmanship to its customers. The high
quality of furniture supplied overseas has also been well-appreciated over the years,
and Don Carolis products have won numerous awards at international exhibitions like
the Paris Exhibition, the Indian Industrial Exhibition and the St. Louis Exposition.
Founded by Mudaliyar Don Carolis Hewavitarne- a well-known Sri Lankan industrialist,
philanthropist, and pioneer of the Buddhist revival movement, Don Carolis is the oldest
furniture manufacturer in Sri Lanka, and one of the oldest Sri Lankan companies overall.
The company began in a very modest way in a corner of Keyzer Street Pettah supplying
the Tea and Coffee Planters of European descent with solid, artistic furniture in the best
European styles at moderate prices, and since then, has been able to maintain an
unblemished brand reputation over the last 162 years.
Kingslake has been in the business of providing manufacturers mission-critical software
solutions for over 25 years, with the goal of making its clients more agile in a fast-
evolving business environment. The company delivers state-of-the-art solutions built
with a mix of best-of-breed ERP systems, specialized software solutions, and
experienced dynamic consultants. Kingslake’s team of experienced professionals
ensure that their customers gain a competitive edge by the clever use of software.

H. Don Carolis & Sons Chairman Viraj Hewavitharane
H. Don Carolis & Sons Director Devika Waidyaratne

H. Don Carolis & Sons IT Manager Thusitha Ferdinando
Kingslake CEO Duleep Fernando
Kingslake Vice President of Business Consulting Shalika Pituwala
Kingslake Vice President of Sales Dilshan Perera
Don Carolis and Sons factory
Don Carolis and Sons furniture display

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