IFS Sri Lanka ranks among the top 100 LMD’s Most Respected Entities of 2022

SIFS has been ranked amongst the top 100 Sri Lankan corporates by
LMD (Lanka Monthly Digest) Magazine in its 18 th ‘Most Respected Entities in Sri Lanka’
edition. In addition to being honored as one of the most respected entities, IFS has been also
ranked as a top Sri Lankan business entity in Dynamism, Corporate Culture, Innovation,
Management Profile, and HR/People Management lists. The LMD’s Most Respected Entities
survey includes the top 100 blue-chip companies, conglomerates, multinational companies
(MNCs), financial institutions, and household brand names in the country.
Since 1997, IFS has played a pivotal role in the local ICT ecosystem as one of the largest
tech employers in the country, providing significant inputs to the country’s IT skills and job
market. The Sri Lankan operation is a strategic investment of IFS, the global enterprise
applications company, and its largest office outside Sweden with approximately 2,100
employees. Beyond housing IFS’ largest R&D and global operations outside Sweden, IFS
manages the South Asia Customer Organisation, which sells services and supports
organisations in the region that use IFS Cloud – – a single, composable technology platform
that enables customers to differentiate on service.
Commenting on the latest recognition, Ranil Rajapakse, Executive Vice President & Chief
Operating Officer of IFS’ Sri Lanka operations said, “We are humbled by this incredible
recognition to be included among some of the most admired Sri Lankan corporates. Our
spirit of ingenuity and resilience has enabled us to embrace challenges in Sri Lanka amidst
tough macroeconomic conditions while contributing consistent revenues and delivering the
highest level of customer service. Both through our software and our success services, we
are making it possible for our Sri Lankan and global customers to buy and consume
technology in the way that creates the most value for them, so they can deliver amazing
‘Moments of Service’ to their customers.”
The LMD Most Respected survey analyses the most esteemed business entities in Sri Lanka
based on the perceptions of over 800 respondents, shared via telephone interviews. In line
with this, respondents nominate the organizations they perceive as being the best based on
the criteria of financial performance, quality consciousness, management profile, honesty,
innovation, dynamism, corporate culture, CSR, vision, and nation-mindedness.
About IFS
IFS develops and delivers enterprise software for companies around the world which
manufacture and distribute goods, build, and maintain assets, and manage service-focused
operations. Within our single platform, our industry-specific products are innately connected
to a single data model and use embedded digital innovation so that our customers can be
their best when it really matters to their customers—at the Moment of Service™. The
industry expertise of our people and of our growing ecosystem, together with a commitment
to deliver value at every single step, has made IFS a recognized leader and the most
recommended supplier in our sector. Our team of 4,750 employees every day live our values

IFS, Box 1545, SE-581 15 Linköping, Sweden – Phone: +46 13 460 40 00 – Fax: +46 13 460 40 01
Industrial and Financial Systems, IFS AB is a private limited company registered in Linköping, Sweden.

Corporate identity number: 556122-0996

of agility, trustworthiness, and collaboration in how we support our 10,000+ customers. Learn
more about how our enterprise software solutions can help your business today at ifs.com.

Image 01: Ranil Rajapakse, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of IFS’ Sri
Lanka operations

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