SLT-MOBITEL introduces Unlimited Calls to any network with ‘UNLMITED CALL BOOSTER’

Offering all Sri Lankans, the liberty to talk and text all they want to any network, SLT-MOBITEL
has introduced the all-new ‘UNLIMTED CALL BOOSTER’, applicable for both Pre-Paid and Post-
Paid customers.
With ‘UNLIMITED CALL BOOSTER’, Sri Lankans can now make unlimited calls and send SMS to
any network, enabling them to talk & text with their loved ones and families as much as they
want. The package is also extremely beneficial for Corporate & SME customers to conduct short
meetings, and conference calls and stay connected 24/7.
The ‘UNLIMITED CALL BOOSTER’, the package is valid for a month and is attractively priced at Rs
636/=, inclusive of all taxes. The package is available for both prepaid and postpaid customers.
To activate, prepaid customers can simply reload 636, and dial #147# while post-paid
customers can call 1717 and obtain information on the package activation.
The ‘UNLIMITED CALL BOOSTER’, package demonstrates SLT-MOBITEL’s commitment to
introducing best-in-value propositions that meet the growing and changing usage trends of Sri
Lankans. More information can be obtained by visiting .

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