Airtel Lanka disrupts the postpaid market, reveals plans to reduce bills by 50%

 Revolutionizes the telco industry once again by offering unlimited voice calls to postpaid users.
 Only telco to continue to offer ‘Data Rollover’ facility; where unused data can be carried
forward to the next month.
September 10th, 2022: After completing its nationwide 4G rollout to provide coverage to all 24
districts of the Island, in yet another industry first, Airtel Lanka is the first telco to introduce unlimited
calls to any network for all of its postpaid users. Earlier this year, Airtel was the first to introduce
unlimited calls to any network for prepaid users through their Freedom Unlimited packs.
As a part of the telco’s mission to disrupt the Sri Lankan mobile industry by delivering maximum value
to customers, the latest iteration of Airtel’s Unlimited Freedom Postpaid Plans is the Unlimited 1098.
Priced at Rs. 1,098, this newly crafted Unlimited Plan, allows postpaid users to now be able to enjoy
unlimited voice calls to any network, coupled with 40GB 4G anytime data with full HD quality video and
social media and SMS facilities to any network to suffice a month’s requirements.
Furthermore, Airtel is also the only telco to continue to offer ‘Data Rollover’ facility to postpaid users,
allowing unused data of the month to be carried onto the next month, saving data and expenses for a
user. Users can accumulate up to 200GB of data which help them use it for unrestricted HD quality
social media, work from home and downloads.
Ideal for individuals, corporates and entrepreneurs alike, Airtel’s Unlimited Plans are designed to deliver
maximum value to its users. In addition to providing the highest quality voice call facilities and mobile
data services, Airtel’s 1098 package also enables a reduction in monthly telco expenses by at least 50%.
“Airtel’s core mission is to deliver a world class mobile broadband experience to all our users, while
driving product innovations that ensure every customer segment has access to a fair deal. Especially at a
time of such significant economic hardships, we are seeing a tremendous response from our prepaid
users for the unlimited offers, and we are excited to offer the same kind of freedom to our valued
postpaid customers,” Airtel Lanka MD/CEO, Ashish Chandra stated.
Airtel Lanka has been part of implementing many industry-firsts in Sri Lanka’s telco space, and was the
first to introduce unlimited on-net calling and now the first to introduce unlimited calls for any network
in Sri Lanka. With the launch of Airtel Freedom, the company offers its users the ultimate convenience
for all their voice, SMS and data needs, offering even greater savings compared to the competition. With
the introduction of Unlimited, Airtel Lanka undoubtedly serves as a clear trendsetter for the country’s
telecommunications industry.
Airtel’s rollout of groundbreaking value-focused products follows on the telco’s substantial investments
into further enhancing its 4G experience. Through the installation of state-of-the-art infrastructure, and
it’s recent boosting of its mobile-broadband network to following the sunset of the telco’s 3G services,
Airtel Lanka now offers coverage to more than 90% of Sri Lankan telco users island-wide.

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