Nawaloka Hospitals marks 37 th year at the pinnacle of the private healthcare sector with a rejuvenated, advanced clinical portfolio

Sri Lanka’s foremost private healthcare provider, Nawaloka
Hospitals, recently celebrated its 37-year legacy at the pinnacle of the Sri Lankan
healthcare sector, with a rejuvenated, highly-advanced portfolio of healthcare services
to benefit both local and international patients. The pioneering private healthcare
provider marked the occasion with a series of events to mark the occasion on the 20 th
and 21 st of September, 2022.
The anniversary celebrations commenced with the unveiling of Nawaloka Hospital’s
premium primary care unit, ‘Serene Center’ with an elevated, brand new look to better
cater to the comfort and convenience of its patients, along with a new radiology unit in
the same building – helping the hospital to meet a diverse array of patient requirements
under one roof. The launch was attended by Nawaloka Hospitals Chairman, Dr
Jayantha Dharmadasa, Deputy Chairman Anisha Dharmadasa and the company’s
Board of Directors.
This was followed by the Annual capping ceremony of over 38 student nurses
graduating from the Hospital’s very own Nurses Training School – joined by their
parents. The yearly graduation demonstrates the care and commitment Nawaloka
Hospitals invests in improving the standards of healthcare expertise through both its
staff force and infrastructure to ensure only the best clinical outcomes for its patients.
The celebrations further continued by awarding over 15 staff members at hospital in
recognition of their 25+ years of dedicated service to the hospital.
Throughout the day, Nawaloka Hospital also hosted a medical camp and various other
promotions at the hospital, where the first 100 patients were gifted with totally free
consultations. On the 21 st of September, the hospital hosted another medical camp
particularly for the benefit of its employees. The Hospital also intends to host a special
inter-department cricket tournament on the 2 nd of October.

Press Release
“Our journey of healing began in Colombo with the launch of the country’s first private
hospital to offer tertiary care services. Over the years, Nawaloka has earned
international recognition for its highly skilled medical talent and world-class
infrastructure that enable it to deliver clinical outcomes that compare with the best
institutions in the world at an affordable cost. Our unwavering commitment to patients
has been the reason behind the group’s success,” Nawaloka Hospitals, Chairman, Dr.
Jayantha Dharmadasa stated.
Founded by Deshamanya H. K. Dharmadasa in 1985, Nawaloka Hospitals was built
around a simple but powerful ethos: ‘Arogya Parama Laabha’ (Good health is supreme
wealth). Deshamanya Dharmadasa was determined to create a legacy that would share
such supreme wealth with as many Sri Lankans as possible for generations to come.
Established as the first fully-fledged private healthcare provider in Sri Lanka to offer
tertiary healthcare solutions, Nawaloka Hospitals was founded at a time when the
healthcare space in the country was dominated by the state service. The hospital
offered an affordable alternative to those who had previously been left to seek
specialised treatment outside the country, and eventually expand this offering to all Sri
Under the visionary leadership of the group’s Chairman, Dr Jayantha Dharmadasa,
Nawaloka sought to differentiate by emulating the success of reputed hospitals in the
Asian region; offering a strategic combination of advanced medical technology and
expert medical care. Since then, the group has consistently set the benchmark for
excellence in healthcare both in Sri Lanka and across the South Asian region.
It has proudly pioneered the introduction of several advanced technology developments
in the country, elevating the quality and accuracy of diagnostics. These include state-of-
the-art CT, MRI scanners, a mammography unit, and two cardiac catheterisation labs,
all of which were firsts in Sri Lanka; the first coronary artery bypass unit in a private
hospital; Fibroscan, the first non-invasive way of checking liver health in Sri Lanka; and
a prominent highlight would be the introduction South Asia’s first 640 slice CT scanner.

Press Release
“Our unparalleled clinical excellence, world class medical expertise, and empathetic
approach to managing the needs of patients has enabled Nawaloka Hospitals to attain a
standard of healthcare that is now on par with international standards. The journey this
far has been both challenging and rewarding and moving forward we remain firmly
committed to building on this remarkable legacy. As we look back these past 37 years,
we are grateful to all who have believed in us and made us one of Asia’s most trusted
hospitals,” Dr. Dharmadasa concluded.
Staying true to its initial vision of sharing the gift of good health with all Sri Lankans,
Nawaloka Hospitals has since expanded beyond the confines of its primary hospital in
the center of Colombo, having since established state-of-the-art healthcare facilities in
Negombo in 2014 and a fully-equipped Medicare Center in Gampaha in 2017.
Today, Nawaloka Hospitals employs a team of over 500 expert consultants of
unparalleled proficiency from the full spectrum of clinical disciplines. They are joined by
an indomitable, qualified panel of the finest nurses in the country; trained at Nawaloka’s
own fully-fledged Nurse Training School.
Over the recent past, with the hospital’s continuous expansion, and rising demand for its
services, Nawaloka established a Specialist Centre with a mega multi-storey car park, a
supermarket, an entire spectrum of laboratory and diagnostic services, multiple
pharmacies, a bank, a cafeteria and ample open spaces. Designed with modular
channel areas for added privacy, the Specialist Centre provides an extensive array of
services in numerous medical specialities.
Nawaloka Hospitals operates a wide network of laboratories all over the island, in
Matara, Wennappuwa, Galle and Negombo, enabling access to the very best diagnostic
and laboratory services in the country to a much larger population.
It also operates the well renowned Nawaloka Heart Centre, which has successfully
completed over13,500 heart surgeries since its inception. Additionally, the hospital
houses fully-equipped specialised centres for digestive health, chest and sleep,
rheumatology and pain management, radiology, lasik surgery, physiotherapy, and skin
care and cosmetics. Nawaloka also offers a 24-hour OPD centre, an Elite Center for

premium healthcare requirements, a state-of-the-art ETU facility, air and land medical
evacuation services which include mobile ICUs, as well as a home nursing unit offering
professional in-home care services. To support this extensive portfolio, the hospital
houses 12 operating theatres.
Geared with the latest technology and affordable healthcare solutions of international
standards driven by a passionate, professional team of only the best consultants and
nurses, Nawaloka Hospitals is fully committed towards the principle vision of building a
healthier, stronger Sri Lanka.

Chairman of Nawaloka Hospitals Group Deshamanya, Dr. Jayantha Dharmadasa
opening refurbished Nawaloka Serene Center with Deputy Chairman of Nawaloka
Hospitals Group Aneesha Dharmadasa, in the presence of Prof. Lal Chandrasena
Director Medical of Nawaloka Hospitals 
Chairman of Nawaloka Hospitals Group Deshamanya, Dr. Jayantha Dharmadasa
recognizing a long-standing employee in Nawaloka Hospital

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