HNB expands LANKAQR merchant community with vendors at Majestic City

Continuing its efforts to drive less cash and contactless payments across the island, Sri
Lanka’s most digitally-savvy bank HNB PLC, conducted a QR activation programme to
onboard merchants in Majestic City to its digital platform SOLO in support of the ‘LANKAQR
Rollout’ campaign.

HNB together with other financial institutions and telecommunication partners participated in
a day-long event at the local mall to raise awareness and interact with merchants, including
small businesses regarding he advantages of LANKAQR-integrated payments. The bank
onboarded a number of merchants to its digital wallet HNB SOLO during the event and
presented them with their unique QR codes.
“While the onset of the pandemic spurred the shift to contactless and cashless payment
solutions, we have seen an increasing number of merchants and customers convert to
LANKAQR for its sheer convenience. Given our accelerated digital transformation over the
past few years, it is crucial we capitalize on the substantial interest shown by customers and
vendors alike to drastically enhance much needed economic activity,” HNB Head of Digital
Services Shankar Dharmaratne said.

CBSL Assistant Governor Dharmasri Kumaratunge presented HNB SOLO merchants with
the LANKAQR code during the event. A wide portfolio of merchants’ onboarded with HNB
SOLO including clothing, food and beverages and electronics vendors.

“The effort to drive for less cash society is slowly but surely transforming us into a digitally
driven economy. We need to keep the momentum of the accelerated digital transformation
that we experienced to ensure we establish a less cash economy. As such, I am grateful for
the support provided by HNB since the inception of our nationwide LANKAQR campaign,”
CBSL Assistant Governor Dharmasri Kumaratunge said.
The bank was among the first financial institutions and telecommunication partners to join
the CBSL in promoting digital payments as the standard day-to-day transactions island-wide.

Launched in 2019 as HNB’s flagship digital payment solution, SOLO provides the
convenience of digital transactions via affordable, easy and widely- adaptable QR code, a
cost-effective option compared to alternative payment solutions available in the market.

Press Release

Photo Caption: CBSL Assistant Governor Dharmasri Kumaratunge presenting the
LANKAQR to the HNB SOLO Merchant – Mlesna Tea with (from left) HNB Lead- Product
Management- SOLO Harold Elanco, HNB Head of Digital Services Shankar Dharmaratne
and HNB Executive- mPOS & M-commerce Solutions Ishan Karannagoda

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