AIMG Sri Lanka partners with Emerging Media

The Association of International Marketing Graduates in Sri
Lanka (AIMGSL) entered into a Corporate Partnership with Emerging Media (Pvt) Ltd, the Largest
Location Based Digital Display Advertising Network in Sri Lanka. The partnership signed between
AIMG and Emerging Media (Pvt) Ltd will mutually benefit both organisations in terms of strengthening
their respective brand identities in the market.
Tyner Fernando, Co – Founder/Director of Emerging Media (Pvt) Ltd said, ” We are proud to partner with
organizations that place an emphasis on constant innovations in current world of Marketing and its
development. We find it as a great opportunity to work together with AIMG in order to further strengthen
our valuable customer network.”
Emerging Media was formed with the idea of introducing a revolutionizing concept in the field of
advertising in Sri Lanka. Emerging Media is currently the Market Leader in Digital Display Solutions and
the Largest Location Based Digital Display Advertising Network inclusive of Indoor and Outdoor LED
Screens placed in 200+ prime locations in Colombo.
Commenting on the successful partnership, Sujith Silva, Chairman of AIMG Sri Lanka said, “It is a
pleasure to partner with Emerging Media (Pvt) Ltd and grateful to their support to help promote AIMG
and its activities in Sri Lanka.”
The Association of International Marketing Graduates Sri Lanka (AIMGSL) was established in July 2020
by veterans of the Marketing Industry boasting over 3 decades of expertise and experience. AIMG mainly
focuses on creating a dynamic and professional association with International Marketing Qualifications,
connecting young and senior members to create a platform for knowledge sharing via workshops,
programmes and various other activities. Its objective remains to aid Sri Lanka-based marketers to stay at
the forefront of their professions and the market.

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