Hemas Hospitals opens purpose-built, advanced Renal Transplant Unit

 The novel center boasts a world-class setup key to successful, safe transplants

Sri Lanka’s most trusted private healthcare provider Hemas
Hospitals, recently announced the introduction of a dedicated kidney transplant unit to
its hospital in Wattala. This makes it the only purpose-built, up-to-date kidney transplant
of its kind in Gampaha District, operated by an elite squad of consultant nephrologists
and consultant transplant surgeons, supported by specially trained Medical Officers and
dedicated nursing staff.

The dedicated renal transplant unit consists of positive pressure rooms to accommodate
the recipients and operated under strict infection control guidelines, resulting in
improved clinical outcomes and recovery time while reducing the potential of cross
infections – a critical factor in measuring the success of a transplant procedure. As a
leader in the private healthcare sector and an institution known for its advanced
multispecialty capabilities.

Hemas Hospitals guarantees exceptional and safe clinical outcomes for all patients
through its latest transplant unit. The novel Centre is geared with state-of-art technology
to facilitate the efficient transfer of post-operative patients from theatre to the transplant
unit facility to allow the family members of the transplant patients to visit them subject to
strict infection control guidelines.

This addition will further strengthen the healthcare capacity of the country and bring
enhanced levels of healthcare for CKD patients in the country – empowering them with
the care and expertise they require efficiently to overcome the challenges of complex
transplant surgeries.

“Chronic Kidney Disease is one among the most prevalent non-communicable diseases
in Sri Lanka. While 1 in 10 Sri Lankans are estimated to have CKD, about 90% are

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purported to be unaware of the fact that they have it, resulting in most patients having to
seek healthcare support at its later stages, through kidney transplants or frequent
dialysis treatments. However, we realized that there is a noticeable gap in the country’s
capacity to cater to the full needs of patients requiring transplants. This is the gap we
set out to fulfill with our new clinically-advanced transplant unit.

“We’re now able to cater to the needs of CKD patients with even greater expertise and
superior clinical outcomes, in addition to our existing exceptional portfolio of services,
while it also reflects our commitment towards nephrology and transplant as an anchor
specialty. This addition further validates Hemas Hospitals as a leader within the nation’s
healthcare sector, in our proactive approach to meet the evolving needs of patients in
every corner of Sri Lanka.” stated Dr. Lakith Peiris, Managing Director Hemas Hospitals.

With a vision of ‘Making Healthful Living Happen’, Hemas Hospitals intends to continue
to support Sri Lanka’s CKD patients in a manner that makes accessing life-saving care
efficient, safe and more convenient at every stage, with notable additions and upgrades
to its service offering.

The Hemas Group of Hospitals is fully geared and on track to offer best-in-class, end-to-
end healthcare solutions to touch the lives of over 10 million Sri Lankans by 2030. The
hospital chain delivers affordable and easily accessible services with superior clinical
outcomes and customer experiences consistently across the year. Hemas Hospitals is
quick to adopt global best practices, highest international and local healthcare
standards, innovative digital and tech solutions, and productivity and efficiency
improvement tools, melded together with strategic investments and continuous talent
development to make healthful living happen for all Sri Lankans.

About Hemas Hospitals
Established in 2008 with the launch of its pioneering facility in Wattala, followed by a
second hospital in Thalawathugoda, Hemas Hospitals has today grown into one of the

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most advanced hospital chains in Sri Lanka. A subsidiary of Hemas Holdings, one of Sri
Lanka’s leading conglomerates with a focus on FMCG, healthcare, mobility and
strategic investments, the hospital chain has pioneered global best practices in Sri
Lanka, setting a steep benchmark for quality and patient safety. It is the first
internationally accredited hospital chain in Sri Lanka with the Australian Council on
Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI) certificate, the gold seal of international
hospital accreditations for safety, quality and superior clinical outcomes while also being
the only Sri Lankan organisation to have its Integrated Management System accredited
by the U.K.-based LMS Certification Limited. The organisation also provides a wide
array of surgical and medical specialties and has established an island-wide network of
clinical laboratories.

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