99x hailed as a Best Workplace for Women for the fourth consecutive year

Leading technology company 99x was recognized for its best workplace practices in
diversity and equality and listed as a Best Workplace for Women in Sri Lanka for the fourth consecutive
year. Compiled and published by the Great Place to Work Institute, this award reinforces 99x’s
dedication to creating an empowered, inclusive workplace for all employees.
“Being recognized by the Great Place to Work® Institute once more is a credit to our efforts,” said 99x
Chief Operating Officer Shehani Seneviratne. “However, it’s crucial that we all, not just as a company but
as an industry and nation, work together consistently to bring about much-needed change across all
sectors to create a truly inclusive workforce.”
As an organization, 99x actively promotes increasing the percentage of female employees, being aware
of the benefits of having a good gender balance within the organization. Furthermore, since 2017, 99x
has hosted the Xian Women’s Forum to create a space for all the women in the company to meet, share
experiences and discuss any issues faced in the workplace as women. The company has continued this
forum through the years.

99x also ensures that none of its female employees’ benefits is curtailed due to instances such as
pregnancy. For example, they are added to the appraisal cycle even on maternity leave, with face-to-
face discussions occurring once they return. The focus on work-life balance has ensured that no female
has left the company due to personal commitments.
The women of 99x comprise around 26% of the total workforce, of which 43% are currently in Team
Lead roles in the organization, strengthening the project teams with their skills. And the company has
even more women leading other extracurricular teams within the company, such as CSR, University
relationships, and Tech innovations.
By creating equal opportunities for all within an open organizational structure, 99x drives inclusivity at
all levels and reaps benefits through an energized workforce and a positive effect on the triple bottom
99x has been at the forefront of creating the best workplaces for its people and has been recognized
repeatedly. It has been ranked as a Best Workplace in Asia for five consecutive years and was recently
awarded the Legend status by the Great Place to Work Institute, following its recognition for the 10th
consecutive year.
Headquartered in Oslo, Norway with a local presence in Colombo, 99x is a product engineering company
co-creating well-engineered, innovative digital products for the Scandinavian market. Its expertise has
been proven through a portfolio of over 150 impactful global digital products developed since 2004,
together with leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). 99x employs over 450 technology and
product specialists, who are high achievers, creative thinkers, and team players.

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