Bodyline Transcends 30 Years with 30 CSR initiatives in the pipeline

Bodyline (Pvt.) Ltd, a leading apparel manufacturer and an innovatively
disruptive subsidiary of South Asia’s largest apparel tech conglomerate, MAS Holdings, is celebrating its
30 th anniversary with a campaign dubbed ‘Bodyline Transcends 30 Years.’ Through this campaign, the
company hopes to continue to positively impact the lives of the communities they operate through 30
CSR initiatives.
Historically, the company has been engaged in many social initiatives, giving back to its communities for
30 years. It now hopes to double its commitment to communities and stakeholders. Bodyline aims to
increase its contribution with new initiatives lined up under the company’s Lives and Planet pillars, to
also strengthen employee engagement by enabling internal teams with an opportunity to enrich
communities in need.
Commenting on the momentous occasion, Bodyline’s Chief Executive Officer Dinesh De Silva said,
“We have created over 60,000 direct employment opportunities In Sri Lanka and India over our
existence. Making a positive impact on our stakeholders, customers, shareholders, employees and
community by living our vision to Create, Delight and Inspire. We have established ourselves as the go-
to partner for world-renowned brands, providing concept to delivery solutions through our global co-
creation centre. Our growth is closely knit with the growth of our people and enriches the communities
we work with in living our purpose of “enabling dreams and enriching the fabric of life on the planet”.”
Besides the company’s economic contributions through its business operations, Bodyline also extends a
long arm into uplifting communities by contributing through special CSR initiatives that build
infrastructure for state-sector schools and hospitals, meet struggling individuals’ needs and support
sportsmen and women, to name a few.
Noting some of the upcoming initiatives through the ‘Bodyline Transcends 30 Years’ campaign, the
company’s Sustainable Business Deputy General Manager Saumi De-Almeida said that “four of the 30
projects are open to all employees, including the planting of 1,000 kumbuk trees along the Mawak Oya
river bed, a 7km beach clean-up stretching from Kalutara to Panadura, a Bodyline Fit and Fun Run to
raise funds for school supplies of grade one students, and also the opening of a Food Forest extending
over 2 acres of land at Bodyline’s plant premises.”
On the 16 th of November, Bodyline also opened two renovated bus halts in Horana, which is close to
the company, in celebration of its 30th anniversary.
“We will also have a soft opening at the Ingiriya Hospital, where we will be constructing two new toilet
facilities while also renovating and painting the OPD and ETU,” she added.
Reiterating the company’s vision, Bodyline’s Human Resources & Sustainable Business Director Venura
Attanayaka said, “our continuous year-on-year success and growth has led us to the 30 th anniversary of
Bodyline, and it all boils down to our simple yet expansive vision to Create, Delight and Inspire. Not

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only have we been able to withstand economic and political impacts on the industry, but we have also
been able to maintain our contribution towards our beloved communities, which has always been a
Local communities also cherish the company for its legacy projects which include the building of homes
for soldiers through the ‘Ranavirugama’ program, the building of a pediatric High Dependency Unit
(HDU) at the Horana Base Hospital, as well as the uplifting of sports like boxing in local communities, by
building a boxing ring for Vidyarathna School in Horana.
Bodyline is a joint venture between MAS Holdings, Triumph International Germany and Mast Industries
USA. The company has the capacity to produce garments from concept to delivery. It is renowned as
the leader in producing fitted garments that provide superior next-to-skin performance wear. It is also
the go-to vendor for bra innovations. The company has evolved from making simple minimalist styles for
a single customer to multiple styles and silhouettes across product categories for various global brands
and abides by its vision to create delight and inspire.

CEO of MAS, Suren Fernando opened a renovated bus halt in Horana, close to the Bodyline facility.
Chairman of MAS, Mahesh Amalean opened a 2 acre food forest at the Bodyline premises
where employees can grow their own food plants
A stamp commemorating Bodyline’s 30th anniversary was launched at the event
Employees who have been with Bodyline on its 30-year journey since inception were awarded at the Gold Coin ceremony
Newly renovated bus halt

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