Kingslake hosts manufacturing excellence seminar with Siemens Digital

Sri Lanka’s leading manufacturing solutions experts, recently hosted a seminar titled
‘Achieving Sustainable Operational Excellence in Manufacturing’ together with Siemens Digital
Industries, global pioneers of product lifecycle management and manufacturing operations
management software.
The event which took place at the Hilton was attended by industry luminaries from across the
country, and took a deep dive into the many challenges faced by manufacturers during these
economic testing times. A wealth of experts were also available to share valuable industry
insights into optimizing production planning and supply chain operations.
Sustainability as both a need of the hour and a formidable concern faced by those in the
manufacturing industry was a key point of discussion at the seminar, with proposals on making
the transition to greener operations keenly received. Experts also provided a brief description
of the application of Opcenter APS and how it enables businesses to reduce time to market,
reach higher productivity, gain better quality, as well as achieve flexibility in meeting the
changing demands of the market.
CEO of Lalan Rubbers, Manjula Mahadanaarachchi, took to the stage to share his experiences,
‘’During the COVID pandemic, there was a drastic increase in demand in the sector, but our
supply chain was badly disrupted. This created a requirement to incorporate a robust planning
He added, “We were very selective in choosing the right partner for the implementation of our
preferred software solution, and after certain studies done by the team, we did not have any
hesitation in entrusting this task to Kingslake.’’
‘’Kingslake’s strength over our previous partners lies in its flexibility to getting to the
spreadsheets to explain how the scenarios would work,” commented Shanaka Rabel, Group
Chief Digital and Transformation Officer of Stretchline. “The Kingslake team came highly
recommended for their professionalism during the time of implementation of their solutions as
well as their consistency in delivery of after-sales service.”
Kingslake has been in the business of creating mission-critical software solutions for over 25
years; utilising that experience to build smart connected solutions that enable demand-driven
excellence. Kingslake’s team of experienced professionals always ensure that their customers
gain a competitive edge by the clever use of software.

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About Kingslake
Since its inception in 1994, Kingslake has focused on providing software to help mid-sized
manufacturing companies grow. The company delivers state-of-the-art solutions built with a
mix of best-of-breed ERP systems, specialized software solutions, and experienced dynamic
consultants. Today Kingslake continues to build and deliver fit-for-purpose software that
enables manufacturers to increase the visibility of their operations, be it customer service,
inventory management, planning, procurement, manufacturing, engineering, HR, transport, or finance.

Duleep Fernando (CEO – Kingslake), Dr. S Dharmavasan (Chairman – Kingslake), Ananth Sampath (Director, Partner Solution Sales & Partner Development Siemens), Samrat Datta (Portfolio Development Lead Siemens), Mohamed Sheriffdeen (VP Pre Sales Kingslake), Manjula Mahadanaarachchi (CEO – Lalan Rubbers), Shanaka Rabel (Group Chief Digital & Transformation
Officer – Stretchline) and Dilshan Perera (VP Sales – Kingslake)

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