Healthguard Distribution partners Population Services Lanka; fortifies islandwide distribution of its wellness products

Healthguard Distribution – the fully-fledged pharmacy distribution arm of Sunshine Healthcare,
recently partnered with Population Services Lanka as their exclusive distribution partner. The
partnership sees Healthguard Distribution offering efficient last-mile delivery and stringent end-
to-end quality management of products to Population Services Lanka, while expanding their
reach to access customers all across the island.
“We are delighted to onboard Population Services Lanka and support them with their goal of
expanding reach across the island. Our partnership is the collaboration of two experienced
brands sharing the vision of providing Sri Lankans with only the highest quality healthcare
products and services, whenever they require it and wherever they are located. To this end, our
islandwide distribution network encompasses high end facilities which include temperature-
controlled zones and cold chain management facilities, and management processes in place to
ensure that all products are delivered to retail pharmacies in a regulatory compliant manner,”
Sunshine Healthcare Lanka Managing Director Mr. Shyam Sathasivam commented.
Population Services Lanka is an internationally affiliated organization that has been importing
sexual and reproductive health care products since 1984. The company’s portfolio consists of a
range of items related to reproductive health such as condoms, emergency contraceptive pills,
oral contraceptive pills and related injectables. These high-quality products are imported directly
from manufacturers based in UK, Thailand, Malaysia, India and Nepal.
Leveraging on the strength of its diversified parent company, Healthguard Distribution is the first
Distribution-as-a-Service (DaaS) pharmaceutical model to be rolled out by a Sri Lankan
healthcare company. It serves as a regulatory-compliant island-wide distributor for all health and
wellness products.
Currently, most pharmaceutical and healthcare product importers and manufacturers handle
their distribution through individual third-party distributors who may not be consistently reliable
due to external challenges. In such a context Sunshine Healthcare, set up Healthguard
Distribution to cater to the needs of local pharma importers and manufacturers.
Healthguard Distribution is a fully-compliant distribution setup to meet the stringent
requirements of relevant regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical manufacturers. These
exceptionally maintained spaces are operated by teams of well-trained staff to deliver on the
company’s promise of 24-hour service via a fleet of validated temperature-controlled distribution
vehicles. Customers can also access real-time sales information and analytics via any device.
The company is geared to ensure the uninterrupted distribution of pharmaceuticals even under
adverse conditions such as the pandemic. They are equipped with generators to ensure 24/7
operating temperature-controlled spaces and mitigate the challenges caused by the prevailing
power shortages.
Healthguard Distribution is a complete healthcare distribution company operating in Sri Lanka
and is a fully owned subsidiary of Sunshine Holdings PLC. Leveraging on the strength of its
parent company in the healthcare industry, Healthguard operates as a one-stop distributor of
high-quality health and wellness products to all corners of the island. The company provides a
service that would eliminate complexity and help pharmaceutical companies focus on their core
competence, thus ensuring the prosperity of the industry as a whole. Healthguard Distribution
remains firm in their commitment to supply high-quality pharmaceuticals to all citizens of our
island nation, while also establishing ourselves as a one-stop solution for all local healthcare
importers and manufacturers.

From left: Population Services Lanka General Manager Tharika Perera, Population Services Lanka Head of Finance Eraj Fernando, Healthguard Distribution Deputy General Manager – Operations Pathmakumara Warnakula, Shantha Bandara, Dimuthu Liyanage and Gihani

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