The impact of the storm in Mullaitivi killed thousands of cattle!

Normal life of the people has been affected due to heavy storm and cold wind due to heavy rain in Mullaitivu district. A large number of people’s property has been damaged and thousands of livestock have died.

In the district, 110 mm rainfall has been recorded in Mangalam. Meanwhile, a large number of cattle farmers in Otti Sutton area have reported that their cattle have died. The animals were tied to bars and all died because they couldn’t stand the cold and fell down to death. Cattle owners have said that they have lost property worth several crores due to this.

Meanwhile, in Mannar Kandal area, wild elephants have entered the farmlands and village plots at night and the farmers have said that the wild elephants have given away the farmlands of the people because they could not bear the cold.According to Mullaitivu District Secretariat, Cyclone “Mandos” has caused heavy damage in Mullaitivu District. Yesterday (09.12.2022) 15 houses were partially damaged and 49 people were affected in Mullaitivu district based on the information received by the District Disaster Management Unit till 10 am.

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