MAS extends Eco Go Beyond sustainable schools programme to India Bodyline’s manufacturing unit, Intimate Fashions India supports programme rollout

Fifteen years since its inception, the MAS Eco Go Beyond sustainable development education
programme was recently extended to India, marking the first time that leading apparel manufacturer,
MAS Holdings has taken this initiative outside of Sri Lanka.
The Eco Go Beyond programme was launched in the Kayarambedu Government High School and the
Nandiwaram Government Boys School, in partnership with MAS’ strategic business unit, Intimate
Fashions India (Pvt) Ltd, a manufacturing unit of Bodyline Trading (Pvt) Ltd. The launch allowed students
to engage and learn from award-winning film maker and educator Ramnath Chandrashekar and
participate in experiential learning to identify sustainability issues in their environment.
“At MAS, we believe that the local communities that surround our operations are a key part of the
ecosystem that strengthens our business. That’s why we want to make sure that we help sustain them,
just as they sustain us. Over 15 years ago, we recognized the need to invest in sustainable development
education as a longer-term intervention in creating change, and we established our sustainable schools
programme, Eco Go Beyond, in response to this need. We are thrilled to be able to extend this
initiative to India and are grateful to the wonderful educators we’ve partnered with here, who share our
beliefs,” said Amanthi Perera, Head – Social Sustainability at MAS Holdings.
With 15 years in operation in Sri Lanka in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Eco Go
Beyond programme has been activated in over 120 schools across the country. The programme
incorporates sustainability concepts through three phases of sensitization, activation, and reward. MAS
believes that schools can be catalysts in driving change—as spaces devoted for learning with allocated
time, resources, and educators, they proved to be the most effective places to influence a captive
The launch in the Kayarambedu Government High School and the Nandiwaram Government Boys
School were attended by students, educators, guest speakers, community leaders, as well as
representatives from MAS Holdings, Bodyline, and Intimate Fashions India.
MAS hopes to continue its expansion of the Eco Go Beyond programme in India and beyond in years to
come, venturing into other communities and localities which MAS operates in, as part of its MAS Plan
for Change commitment to create ‘thriving communities’.

About MAS Holdings:

MAS Holdings, the largest apparel tech company in South Asia, is among the most recognized design-to-

delivery solution providers in apparel and textile manufacturing. Home to a community of over 118,000

people, today, MAS spans across manufacturing plants in 16 countries, with established design locations

placed in key style centers across the world. Catering to the demands of a dynamic and ever-changing

industry, the MAS portfolio has expanded exponentially; into brands, wearable technology, FemTech,

start-ups and fabric parks worldwide.

Over 35 years of operations, MAS has gained global recognition for its ethical and sustainable working

environment and for the organization’s tireless efforts in social development and women’s

empowerment including being named a 2022 Finalist for Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas and

being Highly Commended at Reuters Responsible Business Awards 2022.

Product excellence and craftsmanship have placed MAS on the world map as an industry leader,

showcasing unfailing delivery in innovative manufacturing and design. Today, the company’s efforts to

drive positive impact are outlined in the MAS Plan for Change, a commitment to create sustainable

change under three areas of focus: products, lives, and planet. Through these initiatives, MAS aims to

inspire all employees to be changemakers, enabling dreams and enriching the fabric of life on our planet.

Students and teachers of Kayarambedu Government High School, India, at the launch of the Eco Go Beyond sustainable schools programme, with representatives of MAS Holdings, Bodyline, and Intimate Fashions India.
Students participating in the Eco Go Beyond sustainable schools programme had the
opportunity to learn from award-winning film maker and educator Ramnath Chandrashekar.

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