Wiley Global Technology Partners With
Gamer.LK To Host In-House Esports Festival

Wiley Global Technology, the Sri Lanka-based technology services arm of Wiley International
Publications, in partnership with Gamer.LK, hosted the annual Wiley Esports Festival to great

The Sri Lankan employees of Wiley came together to compete in what is the fastest growing
sport in the country, electronic sports. Over 30 participants took part across 7 titles, with 18
employees winning gold, silver, and bronze medals for their Esports skills.

A number of forward-thinking companies have adopted Esports into their sporting and
recreational plans, catering to the rapidly changing interests of their employees. Esports and
video games are more popular among millennial and Generation Z employees than traditional
sports in certain age groups and social circles.

The Wiley Esports Festival featured seven titles this year. PUBG Mobile’s first place went to
Mohamed Sathir. TeamAK47 beat Rhiskey Whiskey for first place in Call of Duty 4. Nadeeshani
Jayasinghe snagged gold for Clash Royale and Mario Kart. Dinith Kodithuwakku took first place
for NFS Most Wanted, while Chamodi Wijewikkrama won the gold medal for Mortal Kombat,
and Dulash Fernando scored gold for Beat Saber and 2nd place for both NFS Most Wanted and
Clash Royale, making him the tournament MVP.

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