OrionStellar Awarded TIA 942 Construction Certificate

OrionStellar , Sri Lanka’s only Telco-neutral High Density Data Center located in
Colombo’s Orion ICT Park, has achieved the ANSI/TIA-942-B:2017 – Rated 3
constructed facility certification, validating OrionStellar as a data center provider with
world-class facilities. This assurance of quality performance and connectivity positions
Orion Stellar as a provider of exceptional, globally accepted telecommunications
The ANSI/TIA-942 (also known as TIA-942) is an international Telecommunications
Infrastructure standard for Data Centers. OrionStellar was initially accredited with “TIA
Rated 3” Design certification during the construction stage. By securing the ANSI/TIA-
942-B:2017 – Rated 3 constructed facility certification, OrionStellar has once again
achieved another milestone by becoming the first facility of its kind in the island to be
listed as a TIA-942 Rated 3 constructed facility.
The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standard is a widely
recognized and globally implemented standard for ensuring conformity with international
best practices. The Telecommunications Industry Association offers TIA-942
certification programs through TIA-licensed certification bodies that assess and certify
compliance to the TIA-942 standard. ANSI/TIA-942, the American National Standard
(ANS), specifies the minimum requirements for data center infrastructure and covers all
aspects of the physical data center including site location, architecture, security, safety,
fire suppression, electrical, mechanical and telecommunication systems.
OrionStellar was certified as “TIA Rated 3” Data Center Facility by a trusted
authorization body, Global Data Center Engineering (GDCE), Tokyo, Japan. The
certification guarantees concurrent maintainability in critical infrastructure equipped with
redundant capacity components and multiple independent distribution paths in
conformity with all applicable global standards. Every capacity component, including
elements which are part of the distribution path, can be removed/replaced/serviced on a
planned basis without disrupting the ICT capabilities to the end user. It provides
protection against most physical events.
To obtain the certification, the OrionStellar data center facility was physically inspected
onsite during the construction and completion process, while the final constructed
facility was comprehensively audited for conformity to ANSI/TIA-942 for the respective
rating level. Hence, being a “TIA Rated 3 “facility conforms to delivering the highest
level of availability and resiliency in terms of uninterrupted power and cooling to the
enterprises hosting their IT infrastructure at OrionStellar. This is undoubtedly an
assurance of quality to stakeholders.
Located in the Orion City ICT Park, OrionStellar features capacity for 200 racks, a rack
density of up to 15kW per rack and a design PUE of 1.4 achieved through in-row cooling systems, which enables higher levels of power efficiency resulting in power
savings of up to 40% for the customer. Built in compliance with the latest ISO 27001
standards and global data center standards, this data center delivers the highest levels
of reliability, efficiency, and redundancy with 99.98% uptime.
OrionStellar caters to enterprise IT infrastructure needs with co-location packages
designed to meet the varied requirements of different business segments and sectors
while offering an array of value-added services including storage as a service, back up
as a service, disaster recovery solutions during unexpected downtime and cost-effective
data center migration services with minimal disruption to core business functions.
Jeevan Gnanam, Managing Director & CEO of OrionStellar says, “We are always
committed to simplifying digital infrastructure challenges for Sri Lankan and regional
enterprises. With this latest TIA-Rated 3 facility accreditation, we reinforce our position
as a reliable destination for deployment of digital services and provide credible
assurance to our customers and stakeholders. With this achievement, we mark another
first for digital infrastructure in the country.”

OrionStellar High Density and Carrier-Neutral Data Center at Orion City IT park

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