Futura Tech Labs donates flagship mStudio radio automation solution to the
Foundation of Goodness

– Futura Tech Labs, an innovator in media broadcasting,
mobile, and digital solutions, recently donated mStudio, its flagship radio automation
solution, and associated hardware to the Foundation of Goodness, a not-for-profit, non-
governmental organisation engaged in humanitarian empowerment initiatives in Sri Lanka for
24 years.
mStudio is an end-to-end radio automation solution that helps broadcasters manage the entire
radio operation, from billing and transmission logging to commercial and music scheduling
to delivering the final radio output. 
“We are deeply moved by the Foundation of Goodness’s work towards social impact. With
this donation, Futura Tech Labs hopes to empower the Foundation to spread positive news
worldwide and provide media training to rural youth and schoolchildren. We are confident
that this contribution will help the Foundation connect communities and share its good work
with a global audience,” said Harsha Purasinghe, CEO of Futura Tech Labs. 
This donation will help the Foundation of Goodness launch an online radio channel called
“Good News Radio”, which will go live on February 4th at noon for two hours and continue
every Saturday, only on their website, unconditionalcompassion.org and via a dedicated
mobile app. This donation will also pave the way for the Foundation to begin practical media
training for rural children in presenting, news broadcasting, navigating the radio console and
software, scheduling music content, and overall media management of a radio station. 
“Being good and doing good has been the philosophy behind the Foundation of Goodness. In
this journey, we have understood how spreading goodness has impacted many lives – to
become better than they used to be. The thought that inspired Harsha Purasinghe to make this
one-of-a-kind goodness broadcast for the benefit of future generations will bring blessings in
abundance and augur well for our country,” said Kushil Gunasekera, Founder of Foundation
of Goodness.
Since its inception in 1999, the Foundation of Goodness has helped rural communities reach
their full potential through a variety of initiatives and programs organised under ten sectors:
Women’s Empowerment, Enterprise & Business Skills Development, Language & Arts,
Special Needs, Sports Development, Mental, Dental & Psychosocial support, Children &
Youth, Environment & Water, Rural Welfare & Development and Life Skills & Good
Values. The Foundation provides courses and resources free of charge to over 307,000
children and adults in over 900 villages in Sri Lanka through its flagship venue, the ‘Centre
of Excellence’ in Seenigama, and 14 Village Heartbeat Empowerment Centres spread across
the country.
The mStudio suite will help ‘Good News Radio’ manage its assets, schedule its playlists, and
broadcast its stream to millions worldwide. mStudio powers all the leading radio networks
and channels in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Brunei. 
Futura Tech Labs is a leading innovator in media, broadcasting, film, and niche digital
solutions. The company was formally known as Microimage Mobile Media and rebranded as
Futura Tech Labs last year in a bold move to reinvent the company towards building future-

ready products and services in the chosen domains. The company operates from offices in
Singapore and Sri Lanka, with customers and business partners in Malaysia, Singapore,
Brunei, and Sri Lanka. Futura Tech Labs is a fully-owned subsidiary of Microimage
Holdings Private Limited. 
To learn more about Futura Tech Labs, visit https://futuralabs.tech/

Futura Tech Labs showcases mStudio, Kushil Gunasekara, Founder of Foundation of Goodness, and Harsha Purasinghe, CEO of Futura Tech Labs, along with their respective teams and the students of the Foundation of Goodness media course.

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