Christell Wellness Villa: Sri Lanka’s most sophisticated wellness facility for
medical and holistic healing and rejuvenation of mind, body, and soul

​Christell Luxury Wellness -Sri Lanka’s most-trusted aesthetics centre- celebrated over
the weekend the grand opening of its pioneering new venture: the Christell Wellness
Villa. On Saturday, the 28th of January, the luxury health and wellness hub for
preventative health solutions was unveiled at a private event at the centre’s central
location at Lauries Lane, Colombo, introducing invitees to the wealth of cutting-edge
medically approved treatments in store.
Christell Wellness Villa’s portfolio of non-invasive immersive treatments features skin
rejuvenation, anti-aging, nutrition, fitness and ayurvedic programmes therapies which
seamlessly fuse ancient holistic disciplines and integrative medical therapies with the
keystones of modern and traditional Western medicine.
Guided by the belief that good health is the ultimate luxury, Christell Wellness Villa is
also the first in Sri Lanka to offer a Sensory Deprivation Pod (floatation therapy)
experience, reputed to provide 4hrs of deep restful sleep with just 1hr of floatation.
Providing an unmatchable deep state of relaxation, in addition to helping improve sleep
patterns, this effortless therapy also contributes towards pain relief, improving daily
performance and concentration, alleviating symptoms of depression, while also
strengthening the immune system.
Diagnostic assessments and consultations at the Christell Wellness Villa allows the
centre’s specialists to curate a bespoke portfolio of medical treatments and holistic
therapies designed exclusively for each client’s unique health profile; providing
customised result-driven pathways for optimum wellness, backed by both state-of the-
art technology and also the very best of what nature has to offer.
At the launch event, Dr. Shanika Arsecularatne Medical Director of Christell Luxury
Wellness, spoke of the vision behind the Christell Wellness Villa, stressing also on the
importance of not taking one’s health and wellness for granted. “I assure you, Christell
Wellness Villa is not ‘just another spa.’ We have on board doctors, scientists,
specialists, and trained therapists who are able to curate time-tested, medical
treatments and holistic therapies specific to each individual -man or woman – that
promote greater well-being, health, fitness, and longevity.”
“What we are offering is a safe haven in the middle of the city to heal, recharge, detoxify
and recalibrate your bodies in a healthy sustainable way; enabling you to live a longer
life, better lived.”

Christell Luxury Wellness Medical Director Dr. Shanika Arsecularatne,
Directors Ihan Jayawardene and Prof. Ramani Arsecularatne
Christell Luxury Wellness Medical Director Dr. Shanika Arsecularatne
Christell Wellness Villa, 06 Lauries Lane (Off Lauries Road), Colombo 04.
Christell Wellness Villa, 06 Lauries Lane (Off Lauries Road), Colombo 04.
Christell Wellness Villa, 06 Lauries Lane (Off Lauries Road), Colombo 04.
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