Hayleys Advantis supports mangrove regeneration: installs a pre-fabricated research lab under Advantis Blue Carbon Drive

Hayleys Advantis, the transportation and logistics arm of the Hayleys Group, recently donated a pre-
fabricated research laboratory in support of the scientists involved in the accelerated natural
regeneration of mangroves at Anawilundawa. This project was completed under the first phase of
the ‘Advantis Blue C’ programme, which was launched as a strategic sustainability initiative with the
aim of conserving and restoring blue carbon ecosystems.
In collaboration with stakeholders, such as the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC), the
Central Environmental Authority (CEA) and the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society (WNPS),
Advantis Blue C will help accelerate the vital regeneration of mangroves at the RAMSAR accredited
wetland, Anawilundawa. Mangroves are a vital component in the replenishment of blue carbon
resources as they store over ten times more carbon compared to terrestrial forests.
Led by Prof. Sevvandi Jayakody, Chair Professor at Wayamba University and Chairperson of the
National Mangrove Expert Committee, the team handling scientific research at the site, is set to
gather and study valuable topographical data, floral distribution, faunal habitations, hydrological
models, and soil and water samples across the site. This study will lead to an improved
understanding of how mangroves propagate and which areas or conditions are best suited for the
seeds to take root and thrive.
“Effective mitigation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions remains one of the key challenges in the
international transportation and logistics industry. With the launch of Advantis Blue C, we believe
that we are doing our part to mitigate this by lending our expertise,” said Ruwan Waidyaratne,
Managing Director of Hayleys Advantis Limited.
Pre-fabricated and installed to minimise any construction-related impact on the environment, the
new lab facility constructed by Advantis Engineering will also serve as a base of operations for
international scientists and students hoping to study the mangrove system at Anawilundawa.
Additionally, Hayleys Advantis will also assist the research process by deploying its staff in the field
to assist with the gathering of floral and faunal data while providing technical assistance to establish a
database for all the scientific findings. This may lead to the compilation of information that can be
later shared with the global scientific community.
“Our efforts to replenish Blue Carbon resources are a part of a global effort to better understand
these vital ecosystems, threats faced, and necessary measures to create the conditions for nature to heal itself. It is important that we work with all stakeholders to conserve the environment. The data
that we will be able to collect, thanks to the support of Hayleys Advantis, will serve as the
foundation of local and global efforts to restore coastal ecosystems and effectively combat climate
change,” stated Prof. Jayakody.
Group Director of Hayleys Advantis, Capt. Lasitha Cumaratunga explained, “With our involvement
in marine operations, and our wealth of maritime knowledge and expertise, we took leadership to
address this global challenge in alignment with our evolving ESG commitments under the ‘Hayleys
Lifecode’. By partnering with key government and conservationist organisations, we aim to give life
to our coastal and marine ecosystems, which will, in turn, enable exponential increases in carbon
sequestration, potentially serving as a powerful offset to GHG emissions globally.”
Hayleys Advantis is Sri Lanka’s most diversified transportation and logistics provider, with over six
decades of regional experience and operations. Backed by the blue-chip multinational conglomerate
Hayleys PLC, Hayleys Advantis is at the forefront of the logistics industry providing end-to-end
solutions covering Integrated Logistics, Projects and Engineering, Marine and Energy, International
Freight Management and Aviation. It is committed to innovating the industry, setting the pace and
shaping the logistics sector.

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