How Samsung Electronics Endeavored to Deliver Immersive TV Experience Through Finest Sound

Samsung Research America’s Audio Lab recently revealed that it has been working towards its mandate
of ‘taking Samsung’s audio technology to the top of the industry’ since its foundation. From making
improvements in the pure audio sphere to building leadership in advancing TV sound technology, the
Audio Lab has surprised the entire industry with innovative solutions including the Q-Symphony and OTS
(Object Tracking Sound) technologies.
The release of its latest Ultra Slim Soundbars for Samsung’s QLED TV line-up is already causing waves
among the Samsung community.
Immersion is a topical subject in soundbar development, with the inclusion of more advanced audio
technologies such as Dolby Atmos in home audio. Soundbars have also naturally followed the TV design
trend with the intent of blending into the home décor with a sleek and discreet build. Though, despite
these new slim designs, sound quality and immersion yet remain at the heart of Samsung soundbar
Samsung works closely with their skilled listeners in various and rigorous listening tests where they give
their opinion on products including the comparison between their previous models as running listening
tests is crucial to ensure the quality of products.
The design process of Samsung sound bars combines all aspects of recent trends into one product.
Samsung aims to develop soundbars that blend seamlessly with discreet screens such as the Neo QLED
8K, which challenged them when it came to customization and optimization due to its slim design.
Most soundbars in the market that are designed to be slim or small typically have a weaker integration
of the subwoofer to the soundbar. The result is a colored sound, especially when it comes to voices. The
challenge was to avoid this effect and to ensure that voices are maintained in the center of the sound
field. This required custom soundbar transducers and a design capable of low crossover frequency to the
Samsung’s latest soundbar line-up comes with Wireless Dolby Atmos connectivity, a wireless Smart TV-
to-soundbar connection in which both the screen and soundbar speakers deliver an incredible audio
experience with no distracting cables. It allows for smoother on-wall mounting setups by minimizing the
number of visible cables.
In the 2022 TV models, Q-Symphony combined the power of the top speakers and the soundbar. The
new Q-Symphony enhances the surround sound and feeling of immersion through channel separation
technology. This enables the soundbar and TV speakers to work together with all the speakers on the
TVs, including the top, bottom and side speakers, providing for an expansive, powerful soundscape.
The Samsung soundbar range is available for purchase at Samsung authorized distributors; John Keells
Office Automation (JKOA), Softlogic, Singer and Singhagiri.

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