Key Forum for 2023: ‘Finance for Marketers’ by AIMG, AICPA & CIMA concludes successfully

The Association of International Marketing Graduates (AIMG) in
collaboration with AICPA & CIMA, together as the Association of International Certified Professional
Accountants, recently concluded the successful forum – ‘Finance for Marketers’ at Jetwing Colombo 7.
The collaboration with AICPA & CIMA is aimed at creating value through dialogue and understanding
within both the finance sector and marketing environment. The joint forum acts as a platform to
share knowledge and insights with business leaders, accounting and finance professionals and
corporate executives.
The event which highlighted the role of finance in marketing, delved into the intricacies of both
working together for the sustainability of the business, as well as the solutions finance may provide
for marketing challenges welcomed over 115 industry veterans.
Speaking at the event, Channa Gunawardana FCMA (UK), CGMA, Chief Executive Officer, Dankotuwa
Porcelain PLC, Royal Fernwood Porcelain Ltd, commented: “Finance for Marketers is an integral
aspect of development and success that as marketers we must further understand and incorporate
into our campaigns and way of thinking. At the crux of all that we do, we aim for quantitative results –
but along the way we fail to see the importance of forecasting and target analysis in marketing – that
connects back to the end goal. The first step to having a successful organisation is to lead with goals
and feasible targets. Cohesion with Finance and Marketing is imperative for any business’s success.”
The event began with keynote speakers – Venkkat Ramanan, FCMA (UK), CGMA, Regional Vice
President – Asia Pacific, AICPA & CIMA and Channa Gunawardana FCMA (UK), CGMA, Chief Executive
Officer, Dankotuwa Porcelain PLC, Royal Fernwood Porcelain Ltd, delving into the primary function of
an organisation, and the importance and intricacies of finance in marketing. The event was followed
by a panel discussion with Nirodha Ambanpola, ACMA (UK), CGMA, Head of Sales and Marketing, r-
pac Sri Lanka and Manindri Bandaranayake FCMA (UK), CGMA Group Chief Brand Marketing Officer,
Janashakthi Group, moderated by Chathushka De Alwis ACMA (UK), CGMA, Associate Manager
Professional Relationships and Thought Leadership, AICPA & CIMA.

The Association of International Marketing Graduates Sri Lanka (AIMGSL) was established in July 2020
by veterans of the marketing industry boasting over 3 decades of expertise and experience, with its
main focus to create a dynamic and professional association with international marketing
qualifications, connecting young and senior members to create a platform for knowledge sharing via
workshops, programmes and various other activities. Its objective remains to aid Sri Lanka-based
marketers to stay at the forefront of their professions and the market.
AICPA® & CIMA®, together as the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants®
(the Association), advance the global accounting and finance profession through our work on behalf
of 689,000 AICPA and CIMA members, candidates and engaged professionals in 196 countries and
territories. Together, we are the worldwide leader on public and management accounting issues
through advocacy, support for the CPA license, the CGMA designation and specialised credentials,
professional development and thought leadership. We build trust by empowering our members and
engaged professionals with the knowledge and opportunities to be leaders in broadening prosperity
for a more inclusive, sustainable and resilient future.

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