Sri Lanka’s National PUBG MOBILE Esports Team
Makes it to the Grand Finals of World Esports
Championships 2022

Sri Lanka’s national Esports team for PUBG MOBILE qualified for the Grand Finals of the
14th World Esports Championships which were held recently. Sri Lanka’s National Team
travelled to Bali, Indonesia for the championship. The tournament included some of the
world’s best Esports athletes. Over 120 nations competed for a place in the Finals. The
event included titles such as PUBG MOBILE, Dota 2, CS:GO, MLBB, Tekken 7, and
eFootball 2023.
Mohammed Shihab Rizan represented Sri Lanka in eFootball 2023, and the four-member
team for PUBG MOBILE consisted of Haseen ‘Nrcxhaz3n’ Suhaib, Thamara ‘Susthy’
Surendra, Pasan ‘Doom’ Rodrigo, and Harindu ‘Amare’ Amaratunga.
The PUBG MOBILE team consists entirely of players from team NRC, one of the most
successful PUBG MOBILE teams in the country. They won the right to represent the nation
by competing in the national qualifiers held last April. Before leaving the country, the team
won another PUBG MOBILE event, carrying their winning momentum into the international
competition. The squad was able to make it to the grand finals after a resilient display of skill
and sportsmanship before ending their campaign at the knockout stage.
Mohammed Shihab Rizan is an eFootball pro. He played Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) for Sri
Lanka in the Asian Games 2018 Regional Qualifier and he was the Sri Lankan flag bearer
for last year’s World Esports Championship opening ceremony competed against the best
eFootball players in the world but did not succeed in making it to the finals.
Dialog Axiata PLC, Sri Lanka’s premier connectivity provider, has been at the helm of
uplifting Esports for over a decade by powering gaming competitions in Sri Lanka. In the
recent past, Dialog’s strategic partnership with SLESA has empowered the training and
development of vital skills for avid local gamers and help bring structured Esports to all
corners of the island. With the widest 4G coverage in Sri Lanka and constantly network
optimisations, Dialog delivers on its commitment towards bridging the digital divide by
enabling Esports to prosper in the rural peripheries of Sri Lanka. In the last ‘Free Fire
Tourney’ organised by SLESA, the winning team emerged from the Moneragala district and
was a testament to that commitment.
The Sri Lanka Esports Association was founded in 2010. The Ministry of Youth and Sports in
Sri Lanka has recognized the association with its twelve member organisations as the
regulating body for Esports in the country.


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Esports Team. At the forefront of Sri Lanka’s Esports industry, Gamer.LK’s consistent efforts
in organising Esports tournaments and activities have caused a rapid growth in Sri Lankan
Esports over the last decade.

Sri Lanka’s National PUBG MOBILE
Esports Team Makes it to the Grand Finals
of World Esports Championships 2022

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