Moose Clothing Official Co-Sponsor of Sri Lanka’s First 3D Animation movie Gajaman

Moose Clothing a truly Sri Lankan fashion and clothing brand has stepped up to support the
local film industry through their latest sponsorship of Gajaman, Sri Lanka’s first ever Sinhala
3D animation movie.
Moose Clothing was delighted when Chanaka Perera, Director of Gajaman reached out to
them in 2021 with the sponsor proposal. As a brand that is keen on empowering local talent
and projects, Moose Clothing readily accepted the proposal and came on board as the
Official Co-Sponsor.
Hasib Omar, Chief Executive Officer of Moose Clothing sharing his thoughts on the
sponsorship stated, “It is a wonderful and unique opportunity for us to support local
ventures specially the film industry which is trying hard to make a positive comeback post
pandemic. The Gajaman movie is a result of many years of hard work and it is very
encouraging to see young talent taking the initiative to create something new and
“We need more initiatives such as this as we Sri Lankans definitely have the talent and
passion to strive and achieve new realms in any aree we put our heart into. The Gajaman
production is clear reflection of grit and commitment. The team involved have done a
marvelous job and we as a brand are honoured to be supporting this project,” added Hasib,
commenting further.
A special love song “Pichchamal Wassa” sung by Ridma Weerawardena was released a few
days ago as a Valentine’s Day special, bringing more thrill and excitement to the throngs of
Gajaman fans.
The movie Gajaman, developed using motion-capture technology, brings to life the cartoon
story originally created by artist Camillas Perera in 1972. The movie was scripted by the
famous duo Shaminda Priyaviraj & Suneth Chithrananda fondly known as Chuti Malli and
Podi Malli and features the voices of several key artists such as the much-loved Sunil
Perera, and other artists such as Rashi Prabodha, Yureni Noushika, Damitha Abeyrathne,
Gehan Blok, and Dino to name a few.

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