Celebrating Women at Samsung Sri Lanka

International Women’s day has been marked annually on March 8, in remembrance of the initial protest in the 19th century, and is focused on spreading awareness on female centric issues and celebrating the women in our lives.

This year, the theme for International Women’s Day 2023 is #EmbraceEquity, which advocates that equity isn’t just a nice-to-have – it’s a must-have! A focus on gender equity needs to be part of every society’s DNA, and it’s critical to include equity in all forms into an organization’s workplace culture.

Embedding equity into its core, Samsung Sri Lanka sat down with its brightest and boldest women to see how the baton for equity in the workplace can be taken forward!

The women at Samsung came forward to share their ideas on how to generate better equalization opportunities in workplaces for women in tech. Some employees also talked about their experience with gender equality within Samsung.

Nithya Selvaraj, Senior Executive of Digital Services

Technology and innovation are powerful instruments for advancing gender equality, but we must use them purposefully and objectively to ensure that they create a more equitable and inclusive society for all.

Haswathi Balachander, Senior Customer Service Officer

Gender neutrality is akin to new inventions and innovations because it’s not a human, it’s technology.

Anjalee Erathna, Chief Manager, Software Quality Assurance.

Throughout the years with Samsung, I had the opportunity to grow professionally by learning and getting involved in major development projects. One of the most challenging things is the lack of female role models in the tech industry. However, we are working together to bridge that gap.

Dhibucia Fernando, Senior Customer Service Executive

True empowerment for women in the digital world comes from embracing one another for who we are, without making any judgements.

Sharafa Shaffi, Senior Customer Service Executive

The power of feminism is that with innovation and technology for gender equality, society will accept her for who she is.

Kalpani Hettiarachchi, Senior Customer Care Executive

Let’s empower women with technology in the innovation world and let them build a new era of advanced and creative generation in any level of society.

Cinthujaa Anthony, Customer Service Officer

Technology is one which has no man woman partisan. Therefore, let’s work together regardless of gender.

Nilanga Thilini, Manager – Finance and Accounts

Recognition and appreciation of the skilled woman is the best way to improve their creativity and capability to achieve things in society.

Upuli Ratnaike, Assistant Manager, Marketing

Women are the world’s most powerful consumers and influencers. Samsung, with its continuous breakthrough innovations on its product and service lineup ensures the modern woman’s needs are acknowledged.

Sachindra Nirmani, Assistant Manager, Marketing

The awareness of women and girls about their rights and civic engagement can be raised by using a gender responsive approach to innovation, tech and digital education.

Shehani Fernando, Product Manager, Digital Appliances

There’s a MALE in every FEMALE, a HE in every SHE. This is the right time for the world to be more innovative in gender equality as fighting for equality is not a responsibility of women only, the society will be held accountable for it too.

Nadeesha Peiris, Assistant Manager, HR Business Partner

Women shouldn’t be afraid to put themselves forward when it comes to technology and ending gender inequity. In technology, it’s not just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do!

Pawani Lakshani, Assistant Manager, Marketing

Women are born with the ability to innovate and be creative. In this digital age, all we need to do is move forward and put our unique knowledge to work toward a gender equal future.

Ruth Anthony, Senior Executive, Customer Satisfaction

Technology has made it possible to track the physical and emotional safety of women all the time through the use of safety apps.

Kumudhi Gayanjalee, Assistant Manager, General Accounting

Ensure that women’s participation in innovation is not the exception, but becomes the rule.

Stephney Silviya, Executive, Supply Chain Management

We shouldn’t be afraid of the word feminist. Men and women should use it to describe themselves.

The higher management also engaged in talking about how they have implemented great measures to promote equality within the Samsung workforce.

Mr. SangHwa Song, Managing Director, Samsung Sri Lanka Branch

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Managing Director of Samsung Sri Lanka Branch,Mr. SangHwa Song deliver a message emphasizing the importance of gender equality, diversity and inclusion to all employees of the DX Division. He underlined the value of diversity, equity and inclusion with his determination to “make an effort to form an organizational culture where all employees from various backgrounds feel that they’re part of the organization. He emphasized his goal to help employees “fully unleash their potential through equal opportunity.”

Sabry Ansar, Director, Head of CE Business

Samsung has always fostered an equal culture that grants us equal opportunities across the spectrum. And due to this, at Samsung, equality has always been the norm. Therefore, these practices have been embedded into our culture. This enables us to reach our fullest potential professional and personal lives while also becoming competent mentors for the future generation of women leaders.

Thushara Rathnaweera, Head of MX Sales, Marketing and Retail Operations

Samsung’s emphasis on gender diversity & inclusivity has resulted in an upsurge of women in leadership positions, leading the charge in innovation & growth within the tech industry. Women at Samsung are revolutionizing product development, marketing, and customer service, overcoming obstacles, and making meaningful contributions that have propelled Samsung’s success

Sameera Prasanga, Chief Manager General Accounting

I would definitely like to see more women engaging in the industry, while also leading multiple facets in business and challenging the status quo. We like to believe that Samsung is doing its part in opening up effective ways for women to pursue their passions in the tech world. We are paving way for new individuals to enter the tech industry and to be part of the next revolution.

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