Create the Essentials: Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Design Story

Galaxy S23 series envisions an eco-conscious, premium smartphone experience. By
eliminating unnecessary elements and elevating overall quality, Galaxy S23 series embodies
the essential values of resource circulation for a better future. We asked designers about the
innovative process of creating Galaxy S23 series’ distinct and essential design identity.
Samsung’s focus was on creating a design that boils down to the essence of smartphone.
They made bold decisions to retain only the bare essentials based on the identity of the
product, and that served as the basis of Galaxy S23 series’ design.

The Samsung Galaxy S series is a product line that showcases the essence of premium
design. Samsung contemplated on the elements that create a great design, and how our
design can impact the world at large. We are living in an age where resource circulation and
environmentally conscious activities to save the Earth have become a collective effort. As
the world shifts its priorities toward eco-consciousness, designers should also reflect these
values. There needs to be an attitude that actively embraces these changes by making bold
decisions and upholding new visions for the future.
Galaxy S23 comes with thin bezels that are slim and balanced on all sides for users to better
focus on their screens. The curved metal frame embraces the screen and protects it while
providing a comfortable grip for the user. But for Galaxy S23 Ultra, the side edges were
reduced and the flat surface was extended to not only give a better grip, but also offer more
room to utilize the S Pen and maximize the benefits of a large screen.
The external part of the camera is glossy metal, while the internal parts are processed with
smooth hairlines to visualize the powerful performance of the camera. The inner elements of
the camera, such as form, texture, and color, have been designed carefully, inspired by
traditional camera lenses that minimize light reflection.
Nowadays most smartphones have similar shapes, so the camera becomes a powerful
visual element that can express brand identity. The Samsung Galaxy line-up’s camera layout
maintains the same linear layout since Galaxy S21 series to establish a design identity
unique to the Samsung Galaxy S series.
The front and back glass panels contain an average of 22% of pre-consumer recycled
content, and the film that goes inside the back glass panel incorporates 80% of recycled
plastics sourced from discarded PET bottles. Inner components of Galaxy S23 Ultra like the
S Pen cover and lower speaker modules have been built using recycled ocean-bound plastic
from discarded fishnets and plastic bottles, and recycled aluminum from discarded aluminum
byproducts from manufacturing processes was used in outer components like Galaxy S23
Ultra side keys and volume keys. The packaging box is made from 100% recycled paper,
and the cover accessory also partially contains recycled or bio-degradable materials so that
the product is wholly dedicated to the circulation of resources.
Samsung pursues innovation that doesn’t take our resources for granted, and instead
cherishes them through repurposing and recreating for meaningful experiences. The
Samsung Galaxy S series will continue to bridge the gap between usability and eco-
consciousness, and become a beacon that upholds the essence of a future-minded design.

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