IIHS celebrates Bachelor of Nursing Deakin Graduates showcasing Sri Lanka’s contribution to global healthcare sector

The International Institute of Health Science (IIHS), Sri Lanka’s premier healthcare education institute, is
celebrating its students who have obtained the Bachelor of Nursing Degree from Deakin University,
Australia, showcasing Sri Lanka’s contribution to the international healthcare sector.
Recently, six (06) IIHS students – Nethmi Bhagya Samarasinghe, Shanara Christine, Shalomi Thanuja,
Sarah Patrick and Brayan Shanaka completed their entire nursing programme graduating with a
Bachelor of Nursing from the from Deakin University. IIHS is proud to note that, Shashini Sandapiyumi
graduated with a distinction, a student who transformed herself from obtained simple 3 passes from the
local Advanced Level examination.
To-date, nearly 500 have completed IIHS Pathways in Nursing, Biomedical Sciences, and Sports Sciences
and graduated from Deakin University. These pathways demonstrate IIHS’s ability to provide students
the opportunity to receive a quality education and become a globetrotter while achieving a promised
return of investment through ample job opportunities.
Dr. Kithsiri Edirisinghe, CEO/Co-Founder/ Director of Academic, Strategy & International Affairs, IIHS
stated, “At IIHS we strive to provide students with an international degree program with life skills, the
knowledge that is equal to international level and a value system to ensure they become a global citizen
which will help them wherever they go. We are extremely proud of our graduates and believe not only
will they become lifelong learners but will have access to advanced career opportunities and have a
successful future.”
Recognised for offering unique international pathways to courses in Nursing, IIHS currently soars in the
Sri Lankan and South Asian education sectors as an exceptional health care training institute.
For students who have completed their Advanced Level, IIHS offers the 3+1 pathway in nursing.
Students complete a three-year Advanced Diploma in General Nursing programme, Sport Sciences at
IIHS and proceed to a one-year programme at Deakin University where they obtain the prestigious
Bachelor of Nursing and Sport Science Degree.

Established in 1974, Deakin University successfully combines excellence in teaching, research and
effective partnerships with industry and government to deliver high quality courses and undertake
research that makes a difference to the domestic and international communities it serves.
Recently, Deakin University has been recognised as one of the world’s top tertiary institutions for
education research in a preeminent ranking of the globe’s best universities. The ranking was based on
the ninth annual U.S. News Best Global Universities list which puts Deakin fifth in the category of
Education and Education Research.
IIHS has a long-standing and solid academic relationship with Deakin University, spanning over 20 years.
By choosing Nursing at IIHS, students gain the opportunity to learn from a local and international
faculty. With its reputation in the global healthcare sector, IIHS offers students programmes that align
with international healthcare standards.
Additionally, four IIHS students, also graduated with the Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the Metropolia
University, Finland’s largest university of applied sciences. The graduates – Anurada Hasini, Madhura
Thilakshana, Abdulla Nilamdeen and Yasara Edirimanne are now equipped to reap the benefits from one
of the fastest-growing professions in the world, with a range of exciting career options. They will be
added to the IIHS -Metropolia Alumna of 15.
IIHS is the only partner in Sri Lanka to offer Metropolia University programmes and together they aim to
supply the European mainland with trained healthcare graduates.

IHS student Shashini Sandapiyumi graduated with a distinction for the Bachelor of Nursing from
Deakin University, Australia
IIHS student Shanara Abeyratne graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing from Deakin University, Australia

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